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To me, Mastodon proves how well the web works as an app platform: it’s fun to use on Mac, iPad, iPhone.

Arno DUBOIS ✅ @Arno500

@rauschma To me, Mastodon proves how EVERYONE CAN LIVE without an Apple device, download images from the federated timeline, install an app that is updated instantaneously on the Play Store without 3 weeks verification to use the latest features from Mastodon, avoid all the Safari bugs (we won't mention IE ones, there's too much) and choose a real one without the system WebView (haa iOS, unified WebView is not always good, when it has bugs).
Please, no device-centric toots...

@Arno500 I’m praising the web as a device-independent app platform, mentioning the devices I happen to be using.

@rauschma Yeah, I really hope companies will create a new standard for web apps that can be used offline (for Mastodon this can be limited but you could read old posts) without redownloading all the ressources. Actual shortcuts on home are just disguised webpages which is a bit misleading...