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More Black and Brown working class voters support Bernie than any other candidate.

But Matts are going to Matt. twitter.com/matttogni/status/1

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@leftyaaron@twitter.com @BlueBoyBrown@twitter.com @GunnelsWarren@twitter.com 4. Here is that actual thread by @GunnelsWarren@twitter.com about #Bernie's achievements:


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Earth’s Epitaph!
Complacency, Ignorance & Greed Destroyed our Planet! 😳

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@JohnGBrat They'll do it again in 2020 pushing their #OwnedTogether Corporatist boot lickers like:
Biden, Harris, Booker and on, and on..
Pandering and lies.
Eyes Open, #WeSeeYou
It's all the same grifters.
Very few fulfill their responsibility to represent we, the people.
Most are all about self-enrichment

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Next week Bill Clinton explains how he repealed Glass-Steagall Laws separating commercial & investment banking, allowing Wall Street to Gamble away our Life Savings & how NAFTA sent Millions of Manufacturing Jobs overseas!

Then Bill tells us how he turned the DNC into GOP-Light!

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Next week Obama will tell us all about how he started more Wars than any other POTUS so far & Killed thousands of innocent civilians with Drones Strikes😡

How he Sold Out America to Goldman Sachs before he even took Office😳

How being likable let’s you get away with MURDER!☹️

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Pelosi and the #OwnedTogether DNC Dems can stop emailing and begging for money now.
Gonna send that in as soon as we have expanded, improved #MedicareForAll, #EndCitizensUnited,
#DeSchedule #LegalizeIt
and a few other choice demands.
Rich MFers grifting both sides of the table. Fuck right off.
Put us ALL in this shit. Got some balls asking us for money! Buncha fucking poseur scallops.

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People often wonder why printers are so cantankerous but frankly any device that embeds pigmented runes in the remains of long-dead trees is going to be stricken by an ancient faerie curse from the start

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Kamala Harris has a 20k a plate "Brunch with Billionaires" event where she's letting regular people watch billionaires eat. Highly recommended.

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Hey, let’s find out if Mastadon can be useful as an organizing tool!

Yesterday I drove across the state and back to show solidarity with striking prisoners, we stood yards apart with fences between us and waved handmade banners back and forth at each other. Today they’re facing repression and intimidation from the prison for going on strike. If you have a minute to call in, please do so. If not, please share.

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Prison strike 

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Fucking neo-liberal, faux progressive centrists are NOT the left, don't represent my values and if they don't like my posts that's TFB. #FuckHillary #FuckTheDNC

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def liking the vibe here better than the bird site.

not a single person has @'d us with some "antifa are the real fascists" type shit over here. 🖤❤🤘

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Gore Vidal: Now we have a totalitarian government. And the totalitarian government wants to watch everybody, total surveillance of everyone. They listen to the telephone conversations, they look at your credit cards, they look where you travel. We are totally policed. This is contrary to everything in our Constitution.

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