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For my this year I'm hoping to raise $1,000 for Mercy House, the movement's presence in Arbor. Can you make a ?

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So if Elon is fully goinng to buy Twitter, should we expect another mass exodus to Mastodon?

Vote and repost, please. :bongo_cat:

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Puma is a strange car, but I still would rather have it in the U.S. than any car Ford has now.

Ford Puma (BX726) - Autocade

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@pressnhnow found not guilty on all counts, after robed man lectured him about how he should "respect" their shitty system and its goons.

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More like NO BRAINS

Tesla owners get some of the dumbest vanity plates around smh

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The idea that Bill Gates is somehow the driving force behind the WHO’s vaccine-centric Covid-19 response is very widespread –…

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Do you know what's in your software? The FSF is fighting every day for your right to control your computer. Start the conversation in your community and encourage your friends to join the FSF!

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I'm not sure who eligible employees are, but it sounds like a good deal for "Tata Passenger Electric has agreed to offer employment to the eligible employees of Ford India's powertrain unit when the latter stops such operations." ♻️ 🔗 auto.economictimes.indiatimes.

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Did you know that malicious Web sites can identify you through fingerprinting or use other tactics for tracking your activity? aims to improve the privacy and security of your Web browsing.

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I'm happy to announce a new fundraiser for the upcoming documentary, "Ballad of the Crypto6", a documentary about the March 2021 FBI raid on the FTL studios, the Bitcoin embassy, and the homes of the Crypto6.

The campaign offers many perks depending on your contribution level: film t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, dinner with the victims of the FBI raids, and even an opportunity to co-host one or more episodes of Free Talk Live!

Help share the story of the Crypto6:

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I would love to hear the story of why @fsf chose to join as their Mastodon instance. It doesn't really seem on brand for them to be on an tux (penguin) themed instance.

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We love the four freedoms, and we want others to be able to enjoy them as well. Please boost and share this message, and, for those hearing about the four freedoms for the first time, check out latest video about free software:

Sometimes I'm unable to avoid using non-free software. At work I'm required to use Windows, including Edge and Bing for web browsing, but at least when I do I am still helping the development of Free Software

If If you will you consider making a differences by supporting war refuges?

"Those interested in sponsoring a child can do so by calling the school at (586) 907-8552 or sending a check to “IC Schools” with “Sponsor a Child” in the memo line. Checks can be dropped off at Immaculate Conception Church in Hamtramck, St. Josaphat Church in Warren and Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Warren."

Why tLk to the government of Mexico? Isn't that just wasting time with the middle man? Why not go straight to electronics manufactureres. I have some contacts in San Miguel de Allende if you need them 😉😉 ttps://

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