For my #debconf22 talk I've hacked up the great pdf-presenter-console to fit the phone screen and show my notes so I can see what's currently on the LCD for the audience:

#phosh #linux #mobile #librem5

@agx wow! Super exciting ! Just for fun or do you see a particular niche in the ?

@Fu My goal is to work towards being able to leave the laptop at home more often. If it has "market value" remains to be seen. I do think that "PC in your pocket" is a great differentiator for the #librem5 and other linux mobile devices that is often overlooked.


@agx case in point I spent over half my work day today doing everything from my Android/Linux device

@Fu Interesting. Did you dock it to larger screen? What apps did you use? Most people I've met that use this with Android weren't very happy with the app situation where as on Linux with a distribution you have the adaptive ones as well as the ones for desktop that work very well in these situations (as they were built with that use case in mind).

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