There are rules you've got to follow when doing Web design for your business venture. Even if it's about being a living god with powerful magicks.

"To give an example, restored content *currently* includes (without going into spoilers much):
- A Voight Kampff test for another character
- A few more of McCoy's inner thoughts about stuff
- About 3 extra video sequences (no dialogue scenes, basically spinner flying or landing and an extra sequence in an underground location)
- Two additional meetings with Sean Young's character :)
- Voiced spinner GPS
- A few more dialogue lines and options in some dialogues."

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also: wow, Microsoft open-sourced calc.exe, so it's already been fixed!

Oh good, it's an API bug in the Windows date system.

<< But the question is: “If you are at the 31st of a month and you increment to a month that only has 30 days, where do you land?”.
The answer for Windows.Globalization.Calendar.AddMonths(Int32) is apparently “on the 30th”. ..

So the operation AddMonths is neither distributive (with AddMonth being the multiply) nor commutative or associative. >>

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the fluid, abstract, almost hallucinatory character forms in these textual talismans from "Scripture on the Rites of the Vajra-Being of Impure Traces for Exorcising the Hundred Transformations" are really beautiful—to my eye they're mimicking both the form of individual characters and the form of blocks of characters? (from from Robson, James. “Signs of Power: Talismanic Writing in Chinese Buddhism.” History of Religions, vol. 48, no. 2, 2008, pp. 130–169.)

'We are announcing that is ready for testing... Note that when you add your game directory in you'll be presented with two choices for the game. The first option is for the original game and will simply be named "Blade Runner"... The other option is for importing the game with restored content and is named "Blade Runner with restored content"; this version is still work-in-progress and not yet complete.'

田舎の方の横浜だと 家から富士山見えるよ



#天の川 #milkyway #星景 #japan #風景 #landscape
#東京カメラ部 #tokyocameraclub #pashadelic

'Who'd have thought that a Christian Campaign Group would be calling on its members to criticise the government's internet censorship bill in a consultation?'

I found a fungus that infects caterpillars, that helps them blend into ant colonies better.

So this fungus is a hyper-parasite.

Below the Ukrainian 🇺🇦 city of #Odessa lies a 2500 kilometer long, multi-level tunnel network. The largest #catacombs in the world. Until today there is not even a complete map... 😮

#travel #travelblog #photography #lostplaces #urbex #Ukraine

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