I'm being asked 'How is today?' Options are: Absolutely outstanding; Extremely good; Very good; Good; Not good.

Amazon has a very odd UI for entering card details. The text telling you what to enter in each field is so faint I ended up physically tilting my laptop screen in order to read it--unless you let the focus exit a field without entering anything, in which case the text darkens. *They know.* 😑

Oh, is that why Dismiss and Learn More don't actually seem to do anything? 😑

Funny how the pester box has separate sections for 'required' cookies, 'functional' (i.e. analytics) cookies and 'advertising' cookies, but all these, including ads.forbes.com, b.scorecardresearch.com and ad.doubleclick.net, somehow count as 'required to enable core site functionality' ('provide secure log-in', 'remember how far you are through an order').

I'm not sure what the distinction is meant to be between 'skip', 'do not show' and clicking outside the box. On one of my browsers (the one with cookies blocked by default) they all cause the box to disappear... then reappear soon afterwards. 🤦‍♂️

Ramming things down your throat *at no extra cost!* Grabbing hold and clinging to your leg *with no hidden fees!*

That's some curious text truncation. 🤔 It seems to be a Vivaldi thing; Pale Moon moves the word 'feuds' to the next line instead.

I don't know what Shady Characters does to its text encoding that Vivaldi's spellchecker doesn't understand. 😕

The upper line was typed manually by me; the lower is pasted from shadycharacters.co.uk/2018/10/

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