Had a sudden cold day today after it had started warming into spring - I guess this is why! When I came to South Africa ~12 years ago it was a novelty to get snow on these mountains at all on winter. This year I think this is the fifth coating they've had, and it's far lower than it used to be.

Ich hoffe das Sie auch Elefanten und Tiere genauso den Schutz bekommen ,den Sie brauchen. youtu.be/lCi_qoPUiAc

The giraffe's long legs allow them to run as fast as 35 miles an hour (56.3km/hr) over short distances and cruise comfortably at 10 miles an hour(16.1km/hr) over longer distances.

Giraffe | African Wildlife Foundation awf.org/wildlife-conservation/

“By observing 7.2 million-year-old fossils uncovered in Greece and Bulgaria, researchers suggested that humankind originated in the Eastern Mediterranean instead of in Africa, as has been long accepted.”

Newly Discovered Pre-Human Remains Suggest The Oldest Hominin Lived in Europe - Not Africa allthatsinteresting.com/pre-hu

So geht politische Bildung: Amthor staunend in Begleitung seiner Erziehungsberechtigten im Bundestag.

Aus dem Archiv meiner Stifte

#OtD 7 Mar 1921, the repression of the Kronstadt Rebellion against the Bolsheviks, demanding worker self-governance and freedom for socialist prisoners began. It was brutally crushed by the Red Army led by Trotsky and hundreds were executed. libcom.org/history/1921-the-kr

A sad day for us
Our beloved Lydia (she was 6 years old) unfortunately passed away in the night from Thursday to Friday. She had a heart defect from birth.The funeral happened on Friday. Thanks a lot to our American friends for helping us on this sad day.

We are still in deep mourning. We will miss her very much.

**Viele Tote nach Gefängnisausbruch in Haiti**

"Einen Tag nach dem Massenausbruch aus einem Gefängnis in Haiti ist jetzt von 25 Todesopfern die Rede. 200 Häftlinge seien noch auf der Flucht, teilte die Regierung des Karibikstaates mit."


#nachrichten #bot

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