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When your homie start a fight with clearly superior rival and you just go to get car ready.

The hippo is the fifth most dangerous animals in Africa and it is highly aggressive, particularly if you get between it and the water. Their canine teeth (sharp teeth) are used for fighting.

Been constructing this 1960s tank with cement foundation to last at least five years to store water.

Can you spot Mount Kenya? This is lower side of my county Meru bordering Isiolo county.

My country Kenya is 9th most corrupt country in the world, Kenya is so corrupt that the officials bribed the rankers to position Kenya at number 9.

This lady will become first North Korean female supreme ruler before USA and most democracies, Trump and previous US presidents have made America big bully. Jo Jorgensen 2020. They will make a good team works.

Paparazzi surrounding Bill Clintons cat "Socks" (1993)

Cheap is expensive.

I bought this Asus notebook on in 2018 at sh 20,000, I tried to install any other versions of the windows, doesn't support any other windows apart from windows 10. I tried to install this HP printer driver, doesn't support.

“My sons love hunting,” he told the publication. “They’re hunters and they’ve become good at it. I am not a believer in hunting and I’m surprised they like it.”
—President Donald J Trump
Is hunting for conservation good?

Donald J Trump's two sons posing with animals they hunted in Zimbabwe in 2015.

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