My tribe is Ameru, the term “Ubuntu” is “Umuntu”, Kikuyu the biggest tribe in Kenya the same term means “Umundu” in Kiswahili the most spoken native language in Africa, the same term means “Utu”. All these terms in English are HUMANITY. I would like to know the term in other European languages

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Swahili is not a native language if I'm not mistaken ?
I learned that it's a creole of arabic and a mix of native language, is that false ?

@LienRag Swahili is native language in Africa.The Swahili language dates its origin to the Bantu people of the coast of East Africa. It is a daughter language of the Pokomo language, which is also known as Kingozi. Most of the Bantu Swahili vocabulary is derived primarily from the Pokomo, Taita and Mijikenda languages and secondarily from other East African Bantu languages.

@LienRag words are borrowed from Arabs yes, during trading, it was developed as a trading language, for understanding

@Jonathan Love the image! Reminds me of when we lived in Nigeria and my young daughter and her friends would carefully divide up a single guava or piece of fried bread so that nobody did without. 😂

@oilyfish until capitalism came! Ordinary people are naturally socialists. 😎

@Jonathan At the root of the word humanity is the latin word "homo" which means human being.

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