This years migration is one of the highest densities of wildebeest ever witnessed here in the Mara Triangle, with so few vehicles to share it with. 📷: Shaun Mousley

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Close to 300 wildebeests drowned on sunday afternoon while crossing the Mara River in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya🇰🇪 heading towards the Serengeti in Tanzania 🇹🇿

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It's krismas time for them, they won't fly for days, they will camp there.

Not always, this year it has been raining alot through out in Kenya, so Mara river is full, the rain still raining in parts of riftvalley.

@Jonathan but they can swim, can't they? Or they just walk underwater usually?

@Jonathan this is so surprising! D: yesterday I learnt the hippos can't swim, now the wildbeets... Then what, fishes?

No, during when there is too much rainfall, like this year.

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