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Quels mods #minetest suggérez-vous pour une bonne expérience de survie ?

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Does anyone know how I can contact Mozilla Common Voice to tell them to sort the language names based on their actual names rather than the ISO language codes?

I was trying to find "Persian" and didn't find it among p* and then I tries to find "Farsi" and didn't see it among F* and then unexpectedly I found Persian among F* entries. Also Look at Welsh, German, and Spanish.

This is an easy fix but I don't know how I can reach them.


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Exciting EU study on open source software:

> strongly contributes to GDP
> avoids vendor lock-in
> reduces costs & maintenance
> drives state-of-the-art tech
> fosters competition, interoperability & tech-neutrality

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Ça existe une alternative "non-capitaliste" à HelloAsso ? On utilise déjà galette pour gérer les adhésions, c'est plus le côté "transaction en ligne" qui nous coince.

Liberpay ?

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@aseem a écrit :
« Nous payons pour Steam, Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify. Mais pas pour Wikipedia,, Librivox, Project Gutenberg, ni pour notre distro Linux préférée.
L'énorme asymétrie entre les entreprises et la communauté n'est pas due au hasard mais résulte de nos choix de ne pas soutenir les projets communautaires.
Les commodités à court terme contre le bien à long terme. Nous avons toujours choisi le 1er.
Face au capitalisme de surveillance, nous devons absolument changer. »

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This kind of hits home with us :) However, there are often those doing funding and lots of "non-project" work without which "everybody doing the project" wouldn't happen. So its about figuring out ways to understand funding/programming/... as a joint intertwined enjoyable game :)


Open source is apparently when everybody wants to do the project but nobody wants to do project management and you figure out ways to get by without it


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If you were trying to develop software cooperatively, how would you bring in new cooperators? Everyone who writes even a small patch gets copyright and voting power? Everyone gets copyright but voting requires a more substantial time investment? I'm not even sure if it makes sense or not to distinguish between someone who owns the copyright to the published work and someone who owns a share of the organization (and in turn a share of the capital, if there ever is any).

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Bonsoir :mastodon:

Vous auriez un tuto [vidéo] pour m'aider à comprendre comment fonctionne les thèmes sous #Wordpress (containers, headers, menu, widget...) svp ?

Je dois refaire le site de ma micro-entreprise et j'aimerais comprendre comment adapter un thème existant pour le faire ressembler à quelque chose de potable (sobre).

Promis, dès que je suis bénéficiaire, je ferai appel à un indep/petite boite pour refaire mon site par un pro.

Merci !

Reboost apprécié

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Some days I ask myself... sure, I build roads, but if the only thing driven down them are oil trucks and tanks, is it really ethical to build roads on the off chance one might take them for a country drive?


Would you/the people of be interested by this ?


C'est bien toi qui fait du Wordpress ?
Tu saurais comment faire pour changer le pied de page de ?
Notamment virer le "copyright " et remplacer par un "copyleft" (NC-BY-SA s'il faut le préciser - je sais c'est pas libre mais c'est pas du code donc ça fera l'affaire) ?

Par ailleurs si tu sais comment mettre un alt-texte pour l'image qui n'apparaisse pas si on ne fait pas de mouse-over, cela m'arrangerait aussi.

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Anyone have any tips in getting started contributing to FOSS? I’m looking to start donating time to solving problems and building stuff.

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You want people to trust science? Remove the profit motive. Decouple science from capitalism. Do away with patents. Do away with closed silos. Ensure 100% transparency and openness. Create and share in the open for the common good.


Would you know the reason I can't find your account to follow it ?

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@ljwrites @bright_helpings Pity is a terrible thing. Like with 'kids in Africa'. Kids in Africa aren't suffering because of hunger and drought and so need your help, they are starving and living in abject poverty in order to enable the comfortable privileged life you're living and they need your countries' oppression and exploitation to end and they need to be compensated for the harm you've done for centuries on end. Pity and charity are just tools to hide ossified systematic issues.

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"Anyone else ever been cleverly insulted by their own IDE ? I've never been so offended in my life, Android Studio! :'("

submitted by ShakezulaDaMicRulah

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Boost this if you want to be part of an explicitly anticapitalist technology liberation movement.

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