New episode of @fossandcrafts! Episode 42: Learning the Sewing Machine

Last episode we talked about @mlemweb learning something she was anxious about: Emacs! This time, it's me learning to overcome (by learning!) my source of anxiety: the sewing machine!

And hey, I got an awesome skirt out of it! That I made!



Hi !
We're trying to start introducing FOSS to young blind kids in Burkina Faso, and some of them show great interest in it.
Would you know of good podcasts or audio resources in French that we could provide them ?
Thanks !

@fossandcrafts @mlemweb

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@LibreFaso @fossandcrafts @mlemweb Hm I don't know! I know that Orca in Gnome can use French, but I don't know much if it's any good. Don't know any french podcasts myself...

Most of the time I've spent exploring resources for blind users has been with Emacspeak, which is really cool. But that's very emacs'y. It does seem to be the most powerful desktop environment for blind users around though.

There's an extension to support multilingual environments


Orca in french works well, I know people using it.
I didn't know about emacspeak, I'll have to check it out. Would you have a link for it ?

@LibreFaso oh yeah, here you go!

and here's a talk: How a Completely Blind Manager/Dev Uses Emacs Every Day - Parham Doustdar

@davidrevoy @LibreFaso @fossandcrafts @mlemweb Yes I guess, why not crowdsource this anyway?

Friends of the fediverse! FOSS + French stuff that's appropriate for blind kids! Stuff that might be useful! Things to listen to!

@davidrevoy @LibreFaso @fossandcrafts @mlemweb BTW, it's not French, but here's an episode about rogulelikes and blind players:

And many of these games are translated into french, so hey, maybe you can figure out how to get it so your kids can play!

@LibreFaso @fossandcrafts @mlemweb @cwebber I'd be curios as well, I've got a number of blind customers who use Win10, would prefer to go with Linux but a common app they use, Jaws, not supported.
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