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Daniele Scasciafratte ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น @Mte90@hostux.social

RT @nixcraft@twitter.com: Shame on @tutorialspoint@twitter.com for coping my tutorials. Quite interesting made the author had same mistakes. This guy copied many of my tutorials and just rewrote it. I think it is time @AdSense@twitter.com/@Google stop supporting copy cats without original content.
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RT @s_hentzschel@twitter.com: There is a new available for administrators to configure in your company / organisation! It's like CCK2 Wizard but for Firefox Quantum and Enterprise Policies!

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RT @JJJ@twitter.com: By age 35 you should have contributed to at least 2 WordPress releases, spoken at 2 WordCamps, and had at least 2 arguments in WordPress Slack.
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Gracias @3LPU4S@twitter.com por la camiseta de WordCamp Costa Rica!

Wake up at 4 and arrived at home at 23 for @wordcampbologna@twitter.com let's to do crazy things! ift.tt/2wQW66e

My slides " as a Framework 2.0" (fixed) at @WordCampBologna@twitter.com are available at mte90.tech/WordPress-as-a-fram

RT @IreneStrikkers@twitter.com: The award for best graphics yet goes to @Mte90Net@twitter.com! Fortunately our own @erwinyoast@twitter.com is up for a challenge! Canโ€™t wait for @carolinegeven@twitter.com โ€˜s beautifule slides!
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RT @WordCampBologna@twitter.com: Sta per iniziare, alle 11:30 in SALA 1, il talk WordPress as a Framework 2.0 di @Mte90Net@twitter.com
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RT @IreneStrikkers@twitter.com: โ€œWordPress is not only for blogging. Itโ€™s a complete frameworkโ€ - @Mte90Net@twitter.com
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RT @WordCampBologna@twitter.com: Lโ€™entusiasmo di @Mte90Net@twitter.com incanta la sala e le GIF alleggeriscono un talk ad alto tasso di tecnicismi.
๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/WordCampBologna/st

I found a bug and missing coding standards use in @wordcampbologna@twitter.com badge! ift.tt/2IugNdG

Sono tentato di fare brute force qui a Roma Tiburtina ma non รจ touch ift.tt/2rZy97k

RT @daw985@twitter.com: L'uso banale di alert, codice di debug commentato e lasciato in produzione, richieste http che originano da https, roba copincollata da SO e varie schifezze che si trovano su Rousseau sono indici allarmanti ed inequivocabili di totale incapacitร  e inesperienza
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In viaggio per @WordCampBologna@twitter.com. Si parte presto ma c'รจ se la puรฒ fare!

Upvote: Mte90/pydal: Remap your specific keyboard to execute custom scripts! ift.tt/2wU17uZ

Pydal or how to remap your keyboard to scripting in Linux easily ift.tt/2ITEBas