So this morning rebased and cleaned the GlotPress pr about notes on translations.
At the same time finished the version of the API endpoint for translations.
And in the late afternoon a meetup with me as speaker about hacking/secure WP.

RT We're using GitHub and GPG to sign the tags that publish our releases. This is a first step towards full verification of the contents of a release build, and a more secure approach to updates. Many more security improvements to come in the future!


RT Gli assistenti vocali sono sempre più diffusi nelle nostre case: ci informano sul meteo e ci raccontano le notizie.

Ma quali sono i problemi di privacy nell’uso degli assistenti vocali?

Qual è l’accessibilità di queste tecnologie?


Il portale europeo ci informa che l'UE fa qualcosa per e molte altre città.
E tante cose nemmeno lo sapevo.

La tradizione di prendere fumetti alla stazione dopo il wordcamp è rispettata.
Finché il portafoglio non mi fa causa

RT The best software developers take extreme care of their code bases, without harming other developers or related code.

Projects like, are a resource for our futures. Extreme care needs to be taken with it.

Speak up when people pollute it, abuse it, or misrepresent it.

🐦🔗: I think that enables to disable the kind of notifications but I was looking like for an airplane mode where I turn of them and renable later

RT The slides for my presentation "Accessibility testing, tools and workflow" at are on SlideShare:


RT Una giornata davvero produttiva ieri al Contributor day al . La giusta carica per vivere meglio l'evento di oggi!!


While you are at and working a bit on and also GlotPress.
Developers don't forget that is also a world with a lot of projects that need your help where you can learn a lot and improve your skills.

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