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Dopo un periodo di inattività è tornato operativo Planet LUG, l'aggregatore dei Users Groups. Per sapere sempre cosa succede nella community in !

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A tale from the ongoing performance journey of @FirefoxDevTools@twitter.com.

Or, how we got rid of one performance cliff in the Network panel & the workflows and tools that got us there.

Starting with: perfht.ml/348sQU1

🧵 by /@digitarald

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⌛Time for another !

🕵️‍♀️Did you know you can inspect objects from the @FirefoxDevTools@twitter.com Web Console?

🎋Instead of logging them with the Console API, you can use the inspect() helper method in the Web Console.

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I have been involved in moderating online communities longer than WordPress existed and I am routinely fascinated that this project functions at all, much less accomplishes so much.

such a wonderfully bizarre cocktail of technical lock–in, volunteer labor, and corporate rule. 🤯

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Sto guardando blindspot la prima stagione.
Quante fregnacce informatiche ci sono e sono al 7 episodio.
Escludendo questo fattore non è male, a parte che vanno sempre in quattro a qualunque azione.
Del tipo siamo armati ma tanto siamo in TV quindi della realtà ci frega poco.

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UNIX: A History and a Memoir. It is a must-read for all Unix/BSD/Linux fans. This is the fascinating story of how Unix began & how it took over the world by Brian Kernighan. The author was a member of the original group of Unix developers & many Unix cmds cyberciti.biz/go/books/unix-a-

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Have you ever wanted to know where properties on objects are read or set in your code, without having to manually add breakpoints or log statements?

Watchpoints answer that question and are available now in the Firefox 72 Developer release. hacks.mozilla.org/2019/12/debu

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💞Time for some inter-op. Did you know you can access the currently selected element in the @FirefoxDevTools@twitter.com Inspector from the Web Console?

💱In the Web Console, $0 is mapped to the currently selected HTML element from the Inspector.

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🤔 "When and where did this value change⁉️"

😯 "Where is this property read⁉️"

Your top debugging questions just got easier to answer with Watchpoints!

Debugging with Watchpoints by @budayrm@twitter.com: hacks.mozilla.org/2019/12/debu

Try them out in Firefox DevEdition: firefox.dev/

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Silicon valley ending is not so good...
I think that broken all the meaning of the series.

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🎨Today's brings you more Web Console goodness. Did you know you can see CSS errors in the @FirefoxDevTools@twitter.com Console?

🔗Enable them from the toolbar & you can see all of them. Some are expandable, and they even take you to the Inspector node, so you can debug it!

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Differenza visiva tra underfitting e overfitting:

- creare un dataset con modello a priori e rumore
- situazione di underfitting con grafico
- situazione di overfitting con grafico


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🕸️Did you know you can inspect Network requests in the @FirefoxDevTools@twitter.com Web Console?

🐿️You can enable them from the top toolbar, and then expand them in the Web Console. They show up inline, in an embedded version of the Requests pane from the Network tab.


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