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We've massively revamped our @SWHeritage@twitter.com offer. If you're a interested in and its long-term preservation have a look at wiki.softwareheritage.org/wiki and/or let me know. (They are all paid internships hosted by @Inria@twitter.com and co-supervised by me.)

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[D] A US Court says web scraping is legal. Are there any other legal barriers to making machine learning models on content from websites? via /r/MachineLearning

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instead of writing a blog post on impostor syndrome, use that time to work on your skills

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Annoying that there's *still* no way to clear a cached redirect in @Firefox@twitter.com.

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I made a survey on cross-browser pain points for web developers! Take the MDN Browser Compatibility Survey and help us understand what browser vendors can do to make your life better: qsurvey.mozilla.com/s3/4f853f5

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KDE is looking to employ an expert for the marketing team. Join KDE, strengthen the community and help grow our user base. twitter.com/nightrose/status/1

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Lโ€™equivoco nel pensare che lโ€™innovazione sociale riguardi solo il terzo settore e non lโ€™impresa privata

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More an issue with anyone using Gravatar than just Stack Overflow, but interesting nonetheless.

72% success rate decrypting Gravatar hashes using off-the-shelf software.

Data once leaked, forever leaked.


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One great step forward for WordPress Developer and Github user!

"An experimental feature has been added to Trac that will let you link GitHub pull requests opened against the official WordPress Develop Git mirror to tickets."


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"Is the disappearance of RSS feeds affecting your happiness too?"

Il titolo รจ geniale, in ogni caso YES

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