I'm still looking for reviewers for my book: Contribute to Open Source: The Right Way.
If you are interested I can send the pdf/epub.

PS: Did you know that the book is GPL licensed and will be released on GitHub?

@Mte90 What knowledge/experience would one need to provide good feedback? I’m 98% user of OSS with very few small contributions.

@Mte90 Would not a CC license fit better for books?
It's not software:, after all.

CC-BY-SA may be the one you'd choose instead of #GPL.

@rugk True but I like a lot the GPL and I don't care a lot about the owner of the content (after all I written the book).
I prefer that everyone can read it without any restrictionsand doing whatever they want.

@Mte90 well… but you know GPL is not withozt all restrictions? Aka #copyleft

@rugk ahahah I know, the limitations of the GPL are not a problem for the book or for me.

@Mte90 I'd certainly like to learn about the topic. I want to try contributing more but don't really know how, and this is after years of being in OS communities.

@david a common issue, that is the reason why I chosen to write the book.

Everwhere it is written *Join us* or *Participate* but often is not clear what means and how to do it at the best.

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