In the last weeks after publishing this article I already won 2 prediction: badges used by other communities and WebRTC spec not 100% so we need Chrom* during quarantine.

lost the war and what we can do?

#SolarPunk idea : #mozilla #firefox could have a significant role in a #LoTech movement to build a #sustainable web that would run on #every devices produced so far, this mean the tech we had 20 years ago mostly on #http with #json and #rest API without #javascript or #https , #wikipedia could support his too on the other hand #ThereIsOneWeb promise would be broken, any opinion @Mte90 ?

@rzr I think that FirefoxOS was part of this spirit but a lot of preconditions was fake at the time.
I think that is failing everywhere because the effort in everything is temporary and not on long term.
Also there is no historic memories so don't learn from past mistakes.
My proposal is a better involvement of volunteers in decisions that can bring the real opinions by the real customers and not casual ones.

@Mte90 @rzr but volunteers usually are not the common customer...

@surveyor3 @rzr but are the most interested in what you are doing.
They are early adopters and usually they are important in business to understand if a product works or not.

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