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The best thing about being able to code:

• The infinite possibilities from this one app

Create entire businesses from one terminal window...

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Il @ComuneMontelupo@twitter.com (FI) ha scelto di passare al . I benefici? Un risparmio di 15.000 euro già dalle prime fasi di progetto e la possibilità di coinvolgere i cittadini nei processi di innovazione comune.montelupo-fiorentino.fi
[Foto di Valerio Bozzolan, CC BY-SA 4.0]

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This week: these days, if I'm having dinner with friends and we don't spend at least 30 minutes talking about the meal, I start to get antsy.

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Another day, another contribution to the ecosystem.
You have no excuse to give back your code.

Sono in prima fila sul @buscotral@twitter.activitypub.actor peccato che non è una gita e che sia buio! ift.tt/2HBjZCt

Intel celeron dual core with 2gb of ram bought in 2011.
Now Ubuntu 16 because modern distro wasn't starting, after install upgrade. Now vlc on boot in full screen with a folder of photo and video.
With samba to change the files. ift.tt/2TNF17w

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ClassicPress 1.0.1 is a security release to match the security changes in WordPress 5.1.1 and 4.9.10 (both released today). It is available now. We recommend that you update your site(s) as soon as possible. goo.gl/A2Uyda

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Just few books in the queue (I cannot resist to discounts). Get ready for the new section in my website about books reviews (I have an huge collection) ift.tt/2HgaxoQ

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On the anniversary of the Web, a reminder: @timberners_lee invented the Web and @vgcerf@twitter.activitypub.actor invented the Internet

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We've been polishing and testing our Changes panel to get it ready for DevEdition.

Have you been using it in @FirefoxNightly? Any problems (or success stories 🙂) so far? We want to hear about it! —@violasong & @martinbalfanz

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