I wrote a book Contribute to opensource: the right way leanpub.com/contributetoopenso , based on my experience with and .
I am looking for reviewers (and suggestions for missing stuff).
Right now are 92 pages, GPL licensed and I can send the full pdf preview 😊

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> AMP now officially supports a technique called server-side rendering (SSR) which you can apply to your AMP pages to make them load even faster.

If only the industry had thought of servers directly sending markup to render pages from the beginning. 🙄 blog.amp.dev/2019/08/07/faster

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Erano anni che non mi mettevo una canotta... Para yo soy a vikingo de santo domingo!
@nanowarofsteel@twitter.com ift.tt/2yQ8t0B

The book is available on ift.tt/2KzNogo but not yet finished!
I am looking for a cover and reviewers.
PS: it will be free and licensed as GPLv3 ift.tt/2MbDd4J

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I'm excited to announce that in the latest @Firefox@twitter.com for release you can use for anti-phishing web logins! This supports tokens via NFC, Bluetooth, USB, or some phones' built-in biometrics as a security key. Read more: blog.mozilla.org/security/2019

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🔧 Firefox DevTools has added a button for testing a web page’s print styles (CSS print media emulation): twitter.com/mozhacks/status/11

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The Firefox Monitor and Firefox Send services are now accessible from your Firefox Account Avatar icon as well as from the main menu bugzilla.mozilla.org/1562006

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