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Looking into solutions for Authentication for the WP REST API. Solutions seem to be OAuth 1, OAuth 2, JWT token, application passwords and basic auth. I have used OAuth 1 and jwt before. Any recommendations or plugins I may not have heard.

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I said this before, and I will repeat it, MS-office is the real cash cow. Everyone from sales, HR, purchases to accounting department depend upon it. Even many IT reports created in word/excel. Microsoft Word passes 1 billion installs on Play Store androidpolice.com/2019/07/12/m

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Ciao sono Daniele ho 28 anni (ancora per poco) e gioco con il Gameboy Advance all'aria aperta.
Ah si c'è anche il ultra HD nello sfondo che sembra vero ift.tt/2jNZaKS

What do you do on Saturday (and relax) night?
Read a big book about coders at work.
Never stop working ehm coding! ift.tt/2LNK9UG

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For those of you who were longing for more PHP modernization goodness after : I've now published the full slidedeck, including the "adventures" we didn't cover during . Enjoy!


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