Original item of @siliconhbo@twitter.com won at official auction soon on my office wall. ift.tt/2RxmwkH

Difesa, 3600 case occupate abusivamente da militari in pensione o da figli e mogli: indaga la Procura di Roma via /r/italy

Migrate the company repository from Bitbucket to Gitlab was a good choice.
The UI and the features are very better.
Just the ticket UI is awesome and more complete.

Thinking about coding your own Game Boy games in ASM? I just released the book "Game Boy Assembly Programming for the Modern Game Developer" alongside the GingerBread library via /r/Gameboy

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A bug in allowed people to see who runs FB pages.

managed to find out who actually writes the words for @GretaThunberg@twitter.com's page...

Hint: It isn't a 16 year old.

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I am contributing official to the hacking community with Game Genie Good Guy now published also on @romhackingnet@twitter.com !
BTW I created also 2 python scripts to improve RetroArch experience github.com/Mte90/My-Scripts/tr

I use my multiple email inboxes as todo with the last emails avalaible.
Or I move them to folders to organize better or I delete them.
After a lot of years I start to have that queue clean of no email.
Except the work ones, I mean :-P

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Corollary to the first law: that's valid for any type of fruit

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Three laws of italianity:
An Italian may not put pineapple on Pizza
An Italian may not add Parmigiano on seafood pasta
An Italian may not have Cappuccino after 11AM

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