Petr Prielozny is a muscle jock coming from the Czech Republic. Seventeen images of him that haven’t been published before at my site can now all be seen at one single page:

The young Latin, Ulysses, who is presented to us in these magnificent portraits of male seduction by the great photographer of Mexico, Alberto Lozano Algabo. More at

Josh Lance is experienced in both modeling and acting. He had the lead male role in a filmed called 1978. Josh is looking forward to meeting to new photographers and models. More at

Lee John feels art, fashion, and theatre. These are his passion. He aspires to do all things artistic, modeling and to be a role model for his community. More at

Charlie HE loves to model, act, dance, and stay fit. He’s very much into sports! All kinds. His goals are to become a well known and established model/actor. More at

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