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Let's experiment with this 500 chars limit by explaining rollback netcode in one toot

When you press a button, a notice is sent to your peer. This message can take time to arrive, so it is sent with the timestamp of the action.

Your opponent continues to display frames, as if you did nothing. When a message arrives, eroneous frames are replayed offscreen to fix the game's state, this is the rollback.

Popular in versus games, it avoids to freeze while waiting for inputs.

It seems hostux is dying. I don't know what happened but I am sad.

I'll soon migrate to a big soulless instance, and resume posting in english.

Allez, un peu de , optimisation de netcode.

Il s'agit d'un jeu de combat pour la NES, avec un netcode dit de rollback. Le jeu doit simuler plusieurs frames pour cacher la latence réseau.

Voilà des flamegraphs construits en forçant un rollback à chaque frame. Ces outils ont été longs (et chiant) à développer. Ça reste un gain de temps et de santé mentale énorme. Moitié de l'objectif atteint simplement en réécrivant du code devenu critique.

Outillez-vous ! N'optimisez pas à l'aveugle !

I think if I'm going to have my games also exist in the same universe that the characters exist in, I'm going to need to figure out exactly what kind of relationship there is between the games and the events in them.

Currently the best idea I've got is that present-day Nova and Maffi have a little game studio and they make cool games about their past adventures.

But if I do that then I guess I'll have to explain away how game rules can change from adventure to adventure somehow.

Qui eu cru que mon premier déplacement pro depuis mars ressemblerai à ça ? 😮

Lately I've been trying RetroArch's netplay feature to play games with friends. I've been impressed by how well it usually works, and it's not even hard to set up!

Yesterday @JordiGH and I did a full playthrough of Micro Mages together:

Curious where the $16.50 on my self-published comic goes? I drew this to explain so you get an idea about the costs. #transparency (By the way, 955 books sold! 🎉 thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!)

Pepper&Carrot self-published comics books in English version are now available!
Get your own copies on:

Flamegraphs for NES games. Pretty straightforward, and incredibly useful: it already pointed me to two "//TODO Optimze it" code sections 😅

Le petit studio indé dans lequel je bosse sort aujourd'hui son premier jeu #vr sur #Steam. 😱

N'hésitez pas à l'essayer si vous êtes équipés, il est gratuit ! ☺️ #game #indie #indiegame

WOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The last batch of printed proof looks perfect! Finally, after one year of struggle... Quick blog post:

I implemented the bomb ability, and made it act more like bombs in Kirby Super Star so they're faster.

You can still place bombs in the air like in Pocket Bomberman, for the same sort of tricks. I tried having it where the bombs got placed directly underneath you but that was vastly overpowered. But maybe overpowered (but fun!) mechanics call for being made into temporary powerups!

Also the throwing animation needs replaced, but at this point every animation does. #gamedev #snesdev

In my SNES game I made it so you can look around from your current position in Mode 7 levels, to compensate for the fact that things in the distance are hard to see with the low resolution of the screen.

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