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@SHA2017camp And of course ad free / tracker free on

Don't panic! Because of title problems, all SHA2017 presentations on youtube will be removed and re-uploaded tonight.

Tonight between 22:00 and 24:00 : two Tschunk for the price of one. SHAre with a friend!

Wait till it is fully build, it will be better

Announcing the SHA2017 Hack-N-Swap-O-Rama! Bring your half finished projects and odd bits and bobs and trade them!


Sunny with a few clouds. Perfect day to continue build-up. Come and join us!

\o/ 256 tickets left.
Also: this Wednesday is the next badge sweatshop for the badge. Come and help flashing!

This are the bars and the food court of SHA2017 They will sell vla!

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