Google "accidentally" released a new update to is OS lol

Racism, discourse, white people 

Read quite a few accounts from black people saying their dms are overrun with random white people, asking for ressources and when they complain about it, plenty of white people defending this with "at least they want to do something, that's a good thing, why not help them out?"... How long will it take for people to understand that antiracist education shouldn't have to be spoonfed from people affected by racism?!

No one was saying white lives matter until we disruoted the status quo

White supremacy is the status quo

The NRA is a terrorist organization.

The KKK is a terrorist organization.

The Proud Boys are a terrorist organization.

The Trump administration is a terrorist organization.

The GOP is a terrorist organization.

Antifa fights fascism.

#Anonymous hacktivists are claiming that the 'official website' from #Minneapolis has been hacked.

Over 750+ Mailaccounts & Passwords has been leaked and published on the internet.

#AnonymousNews #GeorgeFloydProtests

SOME LIBERAL: Pfft, like you'd be able to kill the rich
ME: [operating the guillotine] is whiterun and eugen is jarl balgruff

Hoentsly to hell with that assignment, I don't like leaving people of my teams but they always leave me to do all the work, this is too stressful for something that isn't even focused on my real career

awesome, we're swiftly moving into the "fake rape" era of the Death Of The American Experiment

I can't not put into words how stuck up I've been feeling lately, at first of the semester I was pretty good, tryng my best and even wanted to make some friends, I was optimistic about how it will went, and I was sure everything will be OK, but then it happened once more, I don't know what to do now, I don't feel well, and certainly It won't just pass away like the rest of the stuff

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