Hi @JayTheLinuxGuy@twitter.com, I'm using Ubuntu MATE 18.10 on the @lenovo@twitter.com ThinkPad P1 that has the Lenovo Thunderbolt Dock Gen2 connected with 2x 27" 1440p displays attached via DisplayPort, plus some other peripherals. Other than using boltctl to authorize it, everything worked OOTB.

Well, that was pretty conclusive! Thanks for voting everyone. We'll plan a pub/restaurant get together for the new year, ahead of the "Will they, won't they?" for @ubuntupodcast@twitter.com season twelve! :D

My son and I are rebuilding our home server and we are going to use Samba and LVM because I want him to learn about them. I listened to Linux Unplugged during my commute this morning and heard @Wimpress make his presentation on Snapraid. Sounds very interesting and robust.

Season 11 Episode 37 - Thirty Seven: Essays On Life, Wisdom, And Masculinity youtu.be/mkOCbqOXE4U

New home server running Ubuntu 18.04. SnapRAID to protect 🛡️ against bit rot and mergerfs to present a union of the disks. 8x6TB in 2x Black Vortex 🌪️ wimpysworld.io/2qXNMfn

When Lego figures start turning up I know my daughter is really enjoying a TV show. The arrival of Danger Mouse tells me Agatha is enjoying its revival of as much as I am. 💥💣🐭 wimpysworld.io/2FskvU8

The Ubuntu MATE Guardians are coming. Details to follow soon 💂‍♂️🦸‍♀️⚔️🛡️

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