Whilst driving home from @oggcamp@twitter.com in the @ubuntupodcast@twitter.com Battle Bus we listened to the excellent Ubuntu Security Podcast from @alex_murray@twitter.com of the @ubuntu_sec@twitter.com team. 🐧🔒 🎧 Get subscribed today!


I'm obviously "delighted" that I won a novelty Ubuntu Xenial Xerus USB stick in the raffle 😟 wimpysworld.io/2OI3kgQ

Watching @JeroenBaten@twitter.com out-retro @popey@twitter.com by running the Hercules mainframe emulator on his @ubuntu@twitter.com desktop @oggcamp@twitter.com 🏷️🤛

My new favourite spectator sport is watching @popey@twitter.com try and get his Ubuntu Core (terminal apps only) Thinkpad up and running at 🖕😂 wimpysworld.io/2MAv4qg

The @kdecommunity@twitter.com will be pleased to hear that @jontheniceguy@twitter.com is using Plasma for running the big screen @oggcamp@twitter.com 📺

Remember kids, never @OggCamp@twitter.com on an empty stomach! 🍽️🥓🥚 wimpysworld.io/2MzJUgL

You're all fantastic, thanks for helping include me with other open source minded people in the fediverse 😀👍

I have no idea how this happened. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 🥧🍩 wimpysworld.io/2PgwmFI

Day two at DeskLodge in Basingstoke. Decided to stay by the faux beach again 🏖️🌴 wimpysworld.io/2Mxw5Qh

First day at Desk lodge co-working space in Basingstoke. I couldn't decide which popular seaside town to use for my video call so sat under a sun shade by the faux beach 🏖️ wimpysworld.io/2P7ShP3

Luca Stricagnoli - Live in New York - Phunkdified (Justin King) youtu.be/m3p8TbIdE2o

Jolly decent of Cunard to send the Queen Elizabeth 🚢 out to greet us 😉 wimpysworld.io/2vAqz5H

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