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Martin Wimpress

There is a bug in gvfs in Ubuntu 16.04 that affects Caja, Nautilus and Nemo. Please take 5 minutes to test the fix so it can be verified for release.

See the post below for details.

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 is out and has lot of new toys to play with. Global Menu, Heads-Up Display (HUD), proper Super key support, all new panel layouts, Indicator support and much more!

What video player should Ubuntu MATE 17.10 ship by default?

#Ubuntu Artful (17.10) Desktop - call for testing. Now shipping GNOME shell & GDM by default & Wayland as an option. Please grab the ISO and start exercising it now, before the release in October.

If your email server is Exchange, Office 365 or you'll want to check out the Hiri email client

The NEW Software Boutique is coming. Now with Snap support!

Luke Horwell and I are at the Snap Sprint taking place this week. We've been working on a new version of Software Boutique.

We've added support for snaps via snapd-glib and debs are now handled via PackageKit.

If you want to learn a little bit more, Luke has also posted in the Ubuntu MATE Community forum:

This morning at the Snap Sprint developers representing +GNOME​ and FlatPak join us to discuss how the GNOME Software UI should be extended to support Snaps and FlatPak in a consistent manner.

MATE Desktop​ developers have been talking to Mir developers about how Mir can be used as a Wayland compositor

Snappy Sprint is underway in the Canonical London office.

In the room are developers from elementary .​, The KDE Community .​, Snapcraft​, Fedora Project​, Ubuntu​, MATE Desktop​ and AppStream.

This morning we fleshed our how "base snaps" will work and enable snaps to sit on a base built from distros other than Ubuntu.

This afternoon we're discussing how AppStream data can be used to enrich the meta data available for snaps.

MATE has always been a great lightweight DE, & the Brisk Menu having Super Key functionality was in part responsible for pushing me to it full time on my Arch Linux system after having used GNOME for over a month and a half. @Wimpress @ikey

Watch Snapcraft Office Hours to see how Python apps are snapped and how they can simplify install docs.