The rumors are true 😏 My engineering sample of the upcoming Softwin Micro PC has arrived and have asked me to work on an image for it 😎

In South Africa 🇿🇦 with and the ever awesome 🌍 😍 🐧

In my latest video I make 🛠 my own external 2TB SSD using a Blue for the fraction of the cost 💰 of an "off-the-shelf" unit 🤑

All the parts have arrived. Time to assemble everything from, and 🛠️🔩🔧 😎

I've launched a channel 📺 The first video highlights my favourite game release for in 2018 and teases what will be coming in future 🔮 videos

New year, new PC. This will be my first homebrew PC for 15 years. Powered by, and I'll document my progress among the first videos on my new YouTube channel 😀

We tried them all, among the rejects are ear wax, black pepper, earth worm, bogies, rotten eggs and dirt. Surprisingly the vomit got eaten 😮

OK RPG players. I'm trapped in a toilet. I can't go North, South, East or West. My only tools are miniature screwdrivers 🔩 and a mixed bag of screws. What is my move?

Today I learned the true meaning of Christmas is hearing your mother-in-law confidentiality proclaim the following 😂 Thank you

The now traditional Boxing Day 🎁 stroll to Byron Road to take a look 👀 at their amazing decorations 🎅🎄

Today is my turn to play with new toys🐧🎮🏁 Also,, this is the real reason I tidied my desk 😉

The lovely people sent me a thank you note and a little something extra 🤩 Thanks guys 😘

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