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@solene apu uses basic nullmodem pinout, so I have a proper cable for it :D

@solene I have a similar cable at home because I sometimes have to do some weird wirering with some switches.

@davidrevoy The peertube link in the article seems to be the tablet review

@solene Ça commence à devenir gras au bout de 150%, avant y'a juste ce qu'il faut.

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@graf Making useless reports actually violates mine, and I'm so tired of it, so I'll block the account without any kind of warning.

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Hello Je cherche les chats sur Mastodon...

@sue Les habits ça sert jamais à rien de toutes façons

@xala Dans mon estimation, je suis encore dans le grand nord sinon :p

@solene @R1Rail C’est plus jouable qu’un sacré paquet de jeux « finis » :D

@R1Rail @solene Y’a soviet republic dans le genre qui est sympa

@niamtokik I stopped using distro network config a while ago. I write a script with my iproute2 commands and I run it a the beginning of the boot.

@niamtokik Debian's interfaces file is shit (as well as netplan).

@thedaemon @solene What's the problem if people are happy this way?

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