So anyway, a Nazi should not be respected, should not be talked to, should not be considered as a member of society, and should not go to normal prison. They should be held in an abandoned island with limited food and no access to normal people so we can make sure they never threat our lives and healthy society again.

And believe me I'm soft on them. If we give them a little bit of power, all of us are in danger.

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We have videos and facts of Hitler's genocide and mass murder. Even if none of that is true or never existed, fucking guy started the world war idiots. What happened to you?

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There are people who saw holocaust by their own eyes yet there's people who claim Nazis were good people. They even try to talk to you about it and convince you Hitler was not that bad.

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I don't know what happened but it's something normal now. People are talking about how Nazis were good and Jews never got killed and stuff. What the hell internet?

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Do you guys have same problem where Thunderbird can't get PGP keys from your computer?

Why collectives/services don't provide EteSync? I asked @tobi and he said he'll look into it.

Other services such as Hostux @valere and Nixnet @amolith should consider it too.

I know there are costs and handling problems but providing it would be awesome.

I'm mentioning @milan and @snopyta too.

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I'm not using Nextcloud anymore except for contact and calendar sync so I thought maybe I can find someone who accepts Rials from me and can pay dollars to buy me a EteSync personal plan.

Also, you don't fucking believe it that personal plan costs 24 dollars a year and it equals to 7 million Iranian Rials.

You can be a millionaire in Iran by buying me this. LOL.

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OK I need someone who can buy me an EteSync personal plan and accept IRR cuz I live in this fucking country under sanctions.

What the hell is happening in U.S.? Just throw a normal election like thr rest of the world. What's wrong with you guys?

You guys dominated the whole world that every economy and every political decision depends on you so don't fuck us up.

Get your shit together.

We need a "software folder" on GNU+Linux distros so we can throw .AppImages in them and they automatically get installed. Something like that.

The worst part of having depression is people who continuously ask you "why are you depressed?" or "why you're not in the right mood?". Fuckers! If I knew, it wasn't depression. It was a temporary feeling or sentiment, like any other human being!

By previous toot I don't mean guys at @Framasoft are rich. I meant Mozilla has a lot of money, more than Frama. Framasoft needs your donations. Please donate to them if you can.

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Keybase is software libre. Why nobody tries to host an instance of it? Guys at @Framasoft may be able to do it. Or richer than Framasoft, those at Mozilla Foundation can do it.

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