GitLab dot com is also banning Iranians. Like we're using GitLab to store nuclear weapon codes. Such a ridicules shit.

I also promoted @codeberg and @sir's Sourcehut in my post too. I've been a fan since their start. They are software libre and human-respecting.

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I just removed @sir's Sourcehut from my post as I found out they also comply with ridicules United States' laws that restrict Iranians from using a "git service".

Every time I say it, I get angrier. Why the hell using a git service should be prohibited for some people? What can go wrong?

@arh I don't like it, either, but I'm not willing to go to jail over it. Sorry.

SourceHut is 100% libre software, anyone is welcome to install it on their own servers and offer service to anyone they wish.

@sir I really appreciate your contribution to software libre world and I understand that it's nothing personal for you but that's still unjust. It's not your fault but it's still unjust and I'm not willing to promote something that can be discriminatory.

@arh I know how you feel, but I also kind of feel like venting your anger at service providers rather than at the totalitarian Iranian regime is missing the forest for the trees

@sir how the bad deeds and wrongs of Iranian regime should be taken on people? It's even worse. We suffer enough from the regime and now service providers should make us suffer too?

Put a boycott on everything that is owned by regime but free people. Only because the US government can't find out everything, Iranian people should suffer? Do all people go to jail because police can't find that one murderer?

@arh I don't want to argue about the sanctions with you. I'm just pointing out that I have nothing to do with them and I don't feel that criticism for me or my service on the basis that we obey our nation's laws is just, either. Just like you have to suffer under your authoritarian regime, and feel unfairly slighted when US businesses won't work with Iranian nationals; so too do I have to live under US laws, and feel unfairly slighted by not being able to work with Iranian nationals. It sucks but what exactly do you expect me to do about it?

@sir actually nothing. I don't blame you or your service but I won't promote them too. I exactly know how is it. I don't expect you to sacrifice anything but that doesn't change the fact that it's discriminatory.

I blame governments. Mine and yours. However, I still feel it's like a soldier killing an innocent person because a commander ordered and if that soldier disobeys the commander, the soldier would be punished hard. We may not blame the soldier but we don't accept that too.

@arh no one fucking kills you when you're told you can't use a git service.

Mine is open source and you can install it on your own servers. That's more than GitHub ever offered.

@sir I just made an example, chill. Who said you're like ShitHub?

@arh @sir Please, all of us need to be humble and remember what the _real_ enemy is, the sanctions. We are not doing each other justice when we get upset with each other over something we have little-to-no control over.

Not mad at @sir. He has no power over the sanctions and I don't want him to sacrifice his service and life but I don't blame the victim too. I don't pop the "Iranian regime" shit. I don't blame innocent Iranian people. I certainly won't block Iranians, or any other nationality, from a service too. Don't sell us stuff it's up to you but blocking all people of a nationality only because some of them did wrong stuff is racism. It's unjust whether it's law or not.

@arh @sir I personally believe you are both correct, but for different reasons. I think @sir is 100% right to follow the unjust law, because there is little active praxis in participating in civil disobedience in this particular situation at this particular moment. But I also do believe that there is discrimination against you @arh, but not from Drew. The discrimination is being enforced by both governments and it sucks that global politics is standing in the way of an important freedom.

@brettgilio I totally agree. As I said I don't blame @sir but I won't promote his service too just like I don't promote any other service based in USA, because they are discriminatory.

For example, I'm friend with some people who use proprietary software but I don't promote their work as I believe that's unjust. It's like that.

The difference is that @sir's service is libre and he did what he could do and we appreciate it but GitHub is absolute shit.

@sir Start by not raising the flag of "authoritarian regime" like a robot.

I propose this response from RMS:

Such as:
RMS: "But does US export control law require repositories to block
connections from Iran? The FSF’s lawyer told us that we are not
required to block connections, so we don’t block connections. Why the
staff of Sourceforge and Google think this is required, I don’t know.
It would be interesting to ask them, but I think they would give
vacuous answers. "

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