Stop criticizing GitHub and still using it. Move out from it. There are lot of other wonderful services like @codeberg.

@idontthinkyouseemtounderstand well only if you self-host it. GitLab dot com is no different than GitHub.

Well of course GitLab dot com is the one we should avoid. GitLab as software would be really good to use. However, personally, I prefer self-hosting Gitea or Codeberg itself.
@idontthinkyouseemtounderstand @codeberg

I like it too. I followed you today. RMS introduced you and I liked your way of computing, including the fact that you host your own Git instance.
@idontthinkyouseemtounderstand @codeberg

On a private mailing list. He sent your article about Apple privacy which we're using for an item on GNU. I wrote a note about it on my personal blog too, linking to your writing.

@arh What I did: set up my own!

All you need to do is install git, and *maybe* cgit for a web UI.

But if you don't have a (home)server, and/or want people to be more comfortable contributing Gitea & services like @codeberg are great!

@alcinnz @arh @codeberg

Stefan from the OpenBSD devs group is working on together with some like minded folks. :flan_dalf:

@arh @codeberg I agree with you from a developers perspective, but you can't really do it from a end-user perspective.

You use some piece of software. It's hosted in GitHub. You want to upgrade to the latest version or file a bug or whatever. You can not do those things or use GitHub. It's something developers should think about before they host projects there.

The financial incentive of using GitHub (for devs) is something I don't have an alternative solution to, though.

@arh @codeberg when Microsoft bought them, I deleted my account... only to create a new one because so many projects only allow PRs on that platform. I've also had to use it at my current job and a few of the previous ones.

I host my code on for now. I also have a source forge account for contributing, but no projects live there.

Why don't you move to @codeberg? GitLab dot com is no different than GitHub.

@arh @codeberg my personal projects can be easily moved. But a majority of my time is spent working on other people's code.

@PeterSanchez Sourcehut is an American business following American laws so many people like me can't and won't use it.

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