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It's funny. I see sites promoting degooglization and using Google Fonts and Analytics at the same time. The hell is wrong with you?

And also such system should be decentralized. Basically we need a decentralized messenger like Matrix or Mastodon, neat and smooth like Telegram, secure like Signal, and efficient like email.

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I've been using IRC a lot lately and I like it. However, it's sometimes confusing when when it comes to properly configure ZNC bouncer for it. I like it a lot but it's not still the best option for regular messaging.

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When will IRC become a proper decentralized messaging system that doesn't need ZNC bouncer and stuff and works just fine as it is?

My guy @brettgilio publishes his posts in different formats. Check this post for example:

He also publishes posts in html, org, pdf, tex, and txt. How cool is that?

It's been 3 days. Can't wait anymore to try @pixelfed's app.

Why the hell everything is using Electron now?

Turns out, @codeberg provides us with a feature letting us present our own static HTML website on <username>

All you have to do is to create a repository called "pages" containing all your website files. Done!

So I've tried this out and made a Hello World page:

Thank you so much, @codeberg! This is a feature I always wanted to have 👍❤️

Forgot to mention that @fsf's 35th birthday live online conference is going on right now and if you want to join you can visit and also join the discussion on room on IRC network.

I just removed @sir's Sourcehut from my post as I found out they also comply with ridicules United States' laws that restrict Iranians from using a "git service".

Every time I say it, I get angrier. Why the hell using a git service should be prohibited for some people? What can go wrong?

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I also promoted @codeberg and @sir's Sourcehut in my post too. I've been a fan since their start. They are software libre and human-respecting.

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GitLab dot com is also banning Iranians. Like we're using GitLab to store nuclear weapon codes. Such a ridicules shit.

@arh @fsf The video is also available on Peertube, so you can watch it without leaving Pleroma/Mastodon. Just paste this link into your search:

Rewind (explaining software libre): A video from the @fsf

I also shared the video on my blog, you can check it there too. Please share the video so more people would see and know about software libre.

I deleted Telegram messenger and will not use it again unless they change everything unethical with it.

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Telegram is being forced to shut down three freedom-fighting channels by Apple. If they comply with Apple, I won't use Telegram ever again.

@valere hey. I just moved to your amazing instance but I realized my followers haven't moved from my previous account, @arh.

Is there any problem?

Well it's weird that my followers haven't moved. Why's that?

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