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Just a reminder that Jupiter‘s Great Red Spot is a giant vortex 1.3 times larger than our Earth and extends approx. 500 km below the cloud tops (as a comparison the average altitude of the Space Station is about 400 km)!

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Full size image:

Nasa's Juno
Orbit (Perijove) 7 - 11/07/2017
Altitude: 9866 km

#Jupiter #Nasa #Juno #Space
©NASA /JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/AndreaLuck

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A new digital painting. One of the sinister Gods I have invented for my game. Nuln of the water. A nightmarish entity who is associated with fresh water, crabs, squid fish and death.

High res versions here:

All my artworks are as the Katharsisdrill project is a project.

Nice read :
By Andy Oram
"This is a memoir of 28 years spent in the computer field at the company known first as O’Reilly & Associates, then O’Reilly Media. I chronicled and often debated the decisions being made by programmers and their managers over those critical years, and I want the public to understand this history. "

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"Mercury Magnet" - this was an idea for a #character type for a #ttrpg idea (still in the works). The whole thing is to have a slightly different vibe to my usual #fantasyArt stuff. More Dickensian Gothic.
Ink on paper, coloured in Procreate.
#CharacterArt #TtrpgArt #GameCard #GameCardArt #GameArt

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More #DnD & pseudo-#Medieval #TtRPG #sketchbook-ery, & #CharacterArt #Portrairs...
I'll throw some colour into the mix again after today.. to be fair I should probably get around to working some of these up. Even if only into something more greyscale but painterly.
Anyway, #ttrpgArt #fantasyart #dwarves #orcs #sorcerer #king #empress

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In other news, #ThoughtBubble #TBF22 #comics festival have published their exhibitor list for their festival later in the year.
You can find me and the link to my comics blog under #IronShodApeComics if you are in the UK and into comics, it's a brilliant event, if your already going, see you there :)

📚 Jelu my self hosted clone just got an update : data export is now available, also bugfixes and messaging

📚 Jelu mon clone de vient d'être mis à jour : export des données, correction de bugs et messages

Forms leak a *LOT* of data even if you don't submit them. Some collect emails, some even collect passwords.

A research study :

Les données entrées dans les formulaires web sont récoltées même si le formulaire n'est pas envoyé

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As someone that loves OSS and maintains projects, this resource from Daniel Stenberg (the creator of curl) is awesome:
He shares his experience doing open source for over 20 years. Interesting fact: despite having started curl around the 90s’, he was only able to start working on it full time in 2020.

Un des interviewés n'est autre que l'auteur de Please kill me, une histoire déjantée du punk.

One of the interviewee is one of the authors of Please Kill me, the uncensored history of punk

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We just pushed out a new #unstable update to @manjarolinux. It includes a new toolchain and other goodies which might #break your install. So beware of #Dragons and read the announcement ...

Original tweet :

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I couldn't find a tree-sitter grammar for x86 assembly... so I made one!

It supports Intel syntax only, some NASM idiosyncrasies, and understands objdump output.

It's live on my site, see for example

📚 Mon projet du moment : un clone open source auto-hébergeable de goodreads

My current project : a self hosted open source goodreads alternative

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