📚 Mon projet du moment : un clone open source auto-hébergeable de goodreads

My current project : a self hosted open source goodreads alternative

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@bayang awesome! I’ve been looking for one since they killed their API. I’ll check it out

@mattk Yeah, I decided to make a foss clone since I was also pissed off there was no alternative. I tried storygraph for a while but there is also no API and if it closes in a couple of months I'm back at square one with my csv file 😅

@bayang exactly! I bailed on creating a FOSS version due to commitments but I’m hyped to assist someone who has taken the larger effort on their shoulders

@mattk Well, we'll see where it leads us, but the current app is already doing everything I was expecting from goodreads so... 😎
It is all bonus from now on

@bayang I’m working on a tool to check your to-read list against the books you have locally and “shop” for the to-reads from various sources

@mattk well, use the Jelu API, the automatic metadata import even fetches the google and amazon internal ids sometimes, so you could use your jelu instance as a starting point

@bayang submitted my first 2 issues! I have a cron job to export my goodreads and I’d love to get them into jelu instead.

@mattk I answered your issues, if my guess is right it is only a matter of installing calibre to get your csv imported

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