Congratulate yourself for doing difficult things, even if they might not seem difficult to others.

@zloygik Еще один список этичных сервисов и софта, но в контексте альтернатив Гуглу

Why do I think it seemed a trifle as a nickname, but I remember a fight in discord with one man who lasted a year or two, he hated me and turned others against me and tried to ban me from the server and disputes were about religion, politics and science, he wrote some sensible articles, but that's just it during the debate contradicted himself, he came up with different terms that are not in nature.
But now is not about that because I understand the beginning of the conflict and it lies in one important detail and the fact that he said earlier, "My nickname is my copyright and I demand to call my nickname as I want," I have not invented my own nickname and took from the comics and I have not any requirements linking my nickname can not put forward (and just do not want because it is stupid), And I had this thought because the problem of copyright in the first place in the people themselves and partly in copyright laws, but people do not just support corporations like microsoft or apple and act in the same way as the corporation.

dry leaves under snow veil do cozy vibes, they remind me browney with sugar icing and now it's all I want together with warm caco

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"#Github #Gitlab have become the Facebook-Twitter of coders. Move on, there is still a community out there... Our #OpenSource code, has propped their dominance for too long. It's time to take it back!"

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