Show newer found this blog from previous retweet and just drown in, many thoughts that I can't formulate is there in decent shape

"#Github #Gitlab have become the Facebook-Twitter of coders. Move on, there is still a community out there... Our #OpenSource code, has propped their dominance for too long. It's time to take it back!"

How about a Mastodon client that calls you and reads you your timeline?

flash was an insecure, slow and bloated proprietary piece of technology.

all we had to do to replace it is make our web browsers insecure, slow and bloated as well. (at least they're still open source...)


Just shared this with my design students... they gotta know their design history... #2Advanced


Изготовлена система подавления шума ветра.

Просто я посмотрел на вот такую штуку за более чем 300 руб и подумал, что неужели я сам не смогу сделать лучше, быстрее, дешевле, качественнее, выше, сильнее, быстрее


Raspberry pi 400 is pure dream, I remember how I wondering in street market back then in childhood and wanted all this Chinese replicas of Commodore 64

#fediverse alive servers stats

alive servers: 5052 (-26)
total users: 3029676 (-198339)

top eight (soft: users servers):

:mastodon: : 2492407 2850
:diaspora: : 328105 26
:peertube: : 81087 604
:pleroma: : 60028 807
:pixelfed: : 25134 160
:writefreely: : 12773 328
:hubzilla: : 10351 82
:gnusocial: : 7538 26

updated at 10/30/2020, 03:00:04

Why Islamic leaders attacking Macron instead of Xi Jingpin which systematically oppress Uyghurs, Islamic people of China

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