I haven’t charged these in over 2 weeks. Granted I only use these when running/walking outside & yoga (at least 45min-1hr/day.) Now I just really wish these had ANC.

I’ve only recently bought the Studio Ghibli Films on iTunes. I love Princess Mononoke, but was afraid I wouldn’t get into the other movies. I was completely wrong about that. I only have Ponyo left to watch and every one of them has been fantastic.

I just spent the last 45 minutes navigating my brother (a parent who hasn’t been able to see infinity war or endgame yet) what to watch before seeing either. And he wanted to skip straight to endgame. So how’s your evening going?

Kept these in stock for California Wildfire Season, gonna try and figure out a local spot to donate them soon.

Didn’t know this was going to be released today, but now that I have to work from home I’m glad

For some reason, the Mac Photos app this evening has been choking hard on my Sony A7R4 nighttime shots. Really struggled to export some shots to jpg. pixelfed.social/p/colindw/1334

Say what you will about Terminator 3, but I think the most important improvement it made over Terminator 2 is that in the T-800, Human casualties is now recorded as an integer instead of a floating point number

Found a StackOverflow question where someone provided a decent answer to the question, but the question asker commented “that looks like what I need, but I don’t know this Objective-C, I need to use this from Swift“

Trying to get better at low light photography. Plus I wanted to get some shots after getting a MRC UV filter for my 24-70 GM Lens.
A7RIV - 24-70 GM

Because @brentsimmons talked about replacing Operation(Queue) I spent some time this weekend writing a KVO free version that uses the same APIs. Long way to go to be usable in a prod app, but it’s a nice challenge to examine an API you use & write an implementation

Finally mostly fixed everything on my iTunes library that Catalina somehow messed up importing into Music app, except for a song I love that I’m assuming the iOS app can’t play because it shows a Apple Music Subscription ad every time I tap it which I’m assuming is the closest we’ll get to an error message in the iOS player. Thankfully they have a single on iTunes Store, so I bought it again because paying $1 to be done with this problem is better than spending more time trying to fix it

Consensus seems to be a lot of people put filters on top of lenses if for no other reason than to at least protect the lens and/or the lens threading. Good to know

Do you put a clear filter on your lenses? My mom showed me a story of a photographer who got a micro scratch in his lens, and now uses at least a clear filter to protect lenses. Given how expensive the 24-70 GM lens is I figured I’d at least put something basic on it for now

According to Apples own Apple Store app, no Apple Store in the entire Bay Area has any Air Pods Pro, and isn’t due to get any for multiple weeks

After being sick most of vacation, and super busy since I got back, I finally got a chance to see a Star War

A7RIV File sizes per photo
Uncompressed RAW = 123 MB
Compressed RAW = 60 MB
JPEG (X.FINE) = ~40-45MB

The small difference in size between JPG and raw is why I always end up just shooting only in raw.

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