Really great app for using the iOS share sheet to post links, photos, or whatever now works with Mastodon! Highly recommended.

I can see why some people might not want Dark mode on certain apps. I've been surprised how so far today i'm totally okay with Dark mode all the time. I'll see how long this lasts

Thank you whoever at OmniGroup fixed OmniFocus's dark mode calendar colors, a major improvement over the colors on High Seierra

I'm honored and humbled to be featured for today's launch of Mojave's Mac App Store:

OmniFocus 3 is out, an absolute essential personal project manager for me

RT Google recently made a change in Chrome 69 that logging into a Google service automatically logs you into Chrome.

One CRAZY consequence of this is that your browser history quietly starts being uploaded to Google servers.

This is Facebook-like overreach


After only buying stainless steel Apple watches, the black aluminum finish is growing on me a little. I just wish I wasn't forced into buying it to avoid paying for cellular hardware I'll never use

New git merge tool from the makers of Sublime Text:

I'm a big fan of Kaleidoscope, but I'll probably give this a shot to see how it compares.

“Torvalds’s decision to step aside came after The New Yorker asked him a series of questions about his conduct for a story on complaints about his abusive behavior.”

I love listening to Erik Singer pick apart accents in movies/TV, I've learned so much about languages through him. I'm glad wired is making more episodes with him

Besides the speed improvements, grouped notifications, etc the best new iOS 12 feature by far is that I no longer have to hit the home button on iPad to close apps, slowly training myself to swipe up. I can finally stop thinking about which way I have my iPad oriented 😍

First beta of iOS 12.1 includes support for Face ID in landscape!

This feels like a solid hint new iPads with Face ID are coming. Nom nom nom.

#Apple #iOS #iPad #technology

Updated everything to the latest OS. Wow the watchOS update took a while

I just watched Predator 2 (1990) for the first time in ever, and just realized that the train cars in the train shootout scene are pretty much current BART train cars 🙄

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