Does anybody know of a review of the Sony A7RIV coming from the perspective of upgrading from one of the A6XX cameras instead of one of the other full frame mirrorless cameras?

Weightless (10 Hour Version) by Marconi Union is one of the best songs to zone out to while coding, also very relaxing especially with ANC headphones

It kills me because if Beats gave up their round earcup design and made them oval so they fit comfortably around your ear without crushing your skull, and upped the sound quality a little I’d say they are one of the top headphones on the market

The Beats Solo Pro are great headphones if you can tolerate the okay not great sound quality, and don’t mind the feeling of something slowly crushing your skull. Really wanted to like these, but they’re nowhere near as good as my Sony ANC headphones

I have no idea what caused Apple to implement language switching on a per app basis in iOS, but I love it for learning languages. I switched a few key apps like OmniFocus to Japanese and it’s forced me to learn a lot of vocabulary. Thanks Apple

I mostly use Sony ANC headphones, but I’m going to give these a chance and see what I think of them after a bit

Spoke too soon, as soon as I delete the file from the other project Xcodes SwiftUI preview goes back to not working. Time to nuke whatever cache Xcode is holding onto

The fix? Create a file by that name in the current project, paste the code from the other project into the current one, and then suddenly the preview pane works for all SwiftUI previews in all projects πŸ˜…

Somehow I’ve gotten Xcode into a state where it keeps trying to create a SwiftUI preview for a view in a different project, which fails because it can’t find the file in the current project. This persists across quitting & relaunching Xcode 😫

tvOS has been pretty solid, but even it has not been immune from the wave of bugs in the latest os’s. Movie app crashed on me once, and now I noticed the movie app clips the bottom of the last row of movies πŸ˜“

All is well with the world. Deleted music off of the phone, re-synced and aside from playlists I need find a way to import from old backups, everything is almost back to normal

After 5 years in California I’ve finally experienced an earthquake. Really felt that in Lafayette

Catalina apparently screwed up importing my iTunes library and now I’m left with some hilarious combinations of album art and songs

πŸŽ‰ #Mastodon 3.0 is out! πŸŽ†

- stronger anti-harassment tools
- an official account migration feature (❗️)
- better custom emoji
- hashtag suggestions
- new search tools
- a revamped audio player
- a new single-column UI by default, and more.

Now that you can switch languages on an app by app basis, I hope more apps support this. Even Apple is inconsistent, you can change languages on Safari but not Messages, etc

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