Shit. I was going to register for the JLPT this year but San Francisco is apparently full already

I've been waiting since the jet black iPhone for someone to make this case. I didn't expect that Apple would be the one to finally make it.

@chartier The current standards are a shitshow. So:

- USB Type C is just the physical connector
- USB 3.1 gen 2 is the current fastest version of the USB protocol and uses the Type C connector
- Thunderbolt 3 is an entirely separate protocol from USB 3.1 gen 2 that _also_ uses the Type C connector

USB 4 merges the two protocols, so USB 4 is a superset of TB3 (still using the Type C connector).

(then there's also USB 3.2 Gen 2x2, which is a protocol that is also over the Type C connector, but is _not_ Thunderbolt)

So USB4 will be substantially better than the current situation, but still not great because of old devices/cables and backwards compatibility needs.

Tech Companies: we need to collect all of your data so we can finely tune our services to serve you relevant products & services

Also Tech Companies: can you please tell us your favorite sports team so we can stop guessing

Hi, my name is Dan and I'm working on a new ActivityPub project.

Not many people know about it, its like Instagram but better.

You should check it out

So I've never really needed the Shortcuts app before now, but I discovered that it can easily convert my Sony A6400 RAW files into jpeg so I can view them on iOS. Very happy 😀

What apps do you like/use that will view/edit raw files on iOS that aren't Lightroom?

I really love using PixelFed ( thanks @dansup & anybody else who contributed). I just posted some photos and have very few complaints. Long term I definitely want to setup my own instance that I can control and backup as I want. Really great service

That thing where you like your own photo so much you use it as your phone background picture

I am on @pixelfed finally. I’ve posted a few highlights since I picked up my Sony a6400, mainly of scenes in San Francisco . Feel free to follow me if you are on there as well if you installed zoom you have a server running on your Mac even if you uninstalled zoom. This is a really bad vulnerability

The Corridor Crew makes really good basic VFX education videos disguised as "react" videos

Does anybody have a Camera Shop that they like that'll do sensor cleaning/repairs? Preferably in the East Bay or San Francisco

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