Apple is doing spec bumps on Mac hardware again? I'm being filled with something, it's like despair but opposite.

YouTube: we allow you to block channels now

Also YouTube: but those blocked channels will still show up on tending, searches, etc so really you're just blocking the channel from the home screen listing

Well written case for why you should stop using MIT & BSD licenses and switch to licenses like Apache 2

Current earworm. I thought the music on the Mortal Kombat 11 story trailer sounded a little like Eminem, turns out it's not him

If we are ever going to transition to usb-c I think this is the way to do it. Include a usb-c cable and an adapter for usb-a. Simple and over time the small adapter will get cheap and easy to make

If iOS 13 does adopt dark mode, the one thing I hope that fixes is apps launching with a start screen that doesn't match the UI (ie a light startup screen on a dark themed app)

Notices lights flashing like crazy on router
Me: What in the world? Nothing should be making that much traffic right now
Turns off TV which isn’t playing anything. Lights stop.
Me: Good thing I blocked the TV’s internet access.

Does Apples usb-c charger cable for MacBook Pro's work well with other usb-c devices? like say Sony WH1000XM3 headphones?

I didn't set out to switch from Google to @DuckDuckGo , but now that I have, I kinda wish they'd make an equivalent swiping keyboard to replace Gboard

Various people asked me about my language learning research recently. 2 interesting concepts that came up in my research was Comprehensible Input and TPRS. This video goes into both topics

When you show a coworker Xcode misaligning text that they never noticed before

Interesting, Firefox recommends you install an extension to stop Facebook from tracking you in the latest update when you visit Facebook on the web

Worked on 2 heisenbugs today, only solved 1 of them. How's your day going?

One of the best things I've ever done was to stop making resolutions, instead I just make projects in OmniFocus & review my progress on them every week.

Upgraded the family iMac to Mojave and showed my mom dark mode. Asked her if she wanted to use that or the light mode. To my surprise she picked dark mode

Finally wrote a small Swift script to solve a problem I've had for a while…

Something something follower migration work in progress, lengthy thoughts about traffic implications and risks


I love that I can make lists of things in OmniOutliner and then import the items as action items in OmniFocus when needed. Never used this feature until now, but it's super helpful

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