Well this is the weirdest iOS UI issue I’ve seen in a while, on the 12 Pro Max something occasionally triggers the leftmost widget screen to render over the current iOS app in landscape mode. No idea what triggers it

I know I’m very late to the party, but I just started watching Chernobyl and damn is it good, sobering and scary all in one show d.pr/xJQTfQ

This season of ‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds’ started off a bit slow, but I am loving it especially the last few episodes.

GitHub explains what happened with youtube-dl & how they are changing procedures based on this event d.pr/g1y6iu

I upgraded from the 11 Pro to the 12 Pro Max, and I kinda missed this size. It’s definitely not great for one handed use, and I’m still readjusting to the size. But I’m glad so far that I picked this while we are going to be remote for a while.

Is it a studio decision not to list a movie runtime on iTunes? I’m curious why Siri can tell me how long a specific movie is, but the ITunes page for it won’t show that information

Attempt # 3 to install Big Sur. I have a super fast connection and the download keeps stalling 😭

iPhone 12 Pro Max ordered, now to try and get what sleep I can

Got the Razer Core X + a Radeon RX 580 a while back and it’s been working great. The GPU disconnection process on macOS could be smoother, but works really solid overall. Could get a better card, but for my needs this one works plenty well for me.

Started playing Star Wars Squadrons and now I need a joystick for my PS4 which is something I never thought I’d need

Actually accomplished all my todos for the day and then said “Okay what do I do now?”

Finally completed my remote office setup using an Audio Technica ATR2100x mic, Sony ZV-1 Camera, an hdmi -> usb-c capture device & some accessories.

Ironically my brother in rural Iowa now has power, but my parents in central urban Iowa still are without power. Sounds like things might start to get better after this weekend 🤞

So every time I go to update the firmware on my A7RIV it mentions a kernel extension. But after it updates I never see any 3rd party extensions. Is the extension temporary? Or does it not install it on 10.15?

I’d love to get the Sony A7SIII menu system on the A7R4. I hope at least the current gen of full frame cameras get it

I love Jason Vong & his excellent Sony Photography videos, but it’s also a great reminder that you don’t need to respond to every notification & to periodically take breaks d.pr/2R6x80

Thanks to one of my friends asking about a photograph, I was reminded that tilt shift lenses exist and they can do weird things like photograph you in a mirror without showing the camera in the image youtube.com/watch?v=ZlaeWRMYwG

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