Do you put a clear filter on your lenses? My mom showed me a story of a photographer who got a micro scratch in his lens, and now uses at least a clear filter to protect lenses. Given how expensive the 24-70 GM lens is I figured I’d at least put something basic on it for now

According to Apples own Apple Store app, no Apple Store in the entire Bay Area has any Air Pods Pro, and isn’t due to get any for multiple weeks

After being sick most of vacation, and super busy since I got back, I finally got a chance to see a Star War

A7RIV File sizes per photo
Uncompressed RAW = 123 MB
Compressed RAW = 60 MB
JPEG (X.FINE) = ~40-45MB

The small difference in size between JPG and raw is why I always end up just shooting only in raw.

I recently got the Sony A7RIV and the 24-70 GM Lens, and then San Francisco got all rainy. I'm really busy with the Holidays, but I got a couple photos to test really quickly. Love this Camera.

Need to do more tests, but damn the a7riv is an absolute beast of a camera. 61mp + the option to take pixel shift 241mp images is insane.

Watching unboxing videos to figure out how to put the product back in its original packaging to send it to someone else, as you do

Weird just had a situation in which the Apple TV remote input was super flakey. Even rebooting the Apple TV didn’t help. Had to actually physically unplug the AppleTV power and then turn it on again to get back to normal

The 16” MacBook Pro has been a great laptop for me. The keyboard, display, speakers, etc are all great. Even though USB-C isn’t as common as I’d like, it’s still a plus for me.

The only negative on it for me is the lack of a SD card slot.

Whew πŸ˜“ my previous migration assistant problems may have been the fault of a bad cable + USBC Adapter. Got a new usb-b to c cable and now my time machine import seems to be going a lot better now

Never used Migration Assistant before. It’s been stuck at β€œsearching for applications and documents to transfer (102,000 items processed)” for a couple hours now. Not the best start 😬

Does anybody know of a review of the Sony A7RIV coming from the perspective of upgrading from one of the A6XX cameras instead of one of the other full frame mirrorless cameras?

Weightless (10 Hour Version) by Marconi Union is one of the best songs to zone out to while coding, also very relaxing especially with ANC headphones

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