One of the best things I've ever done was to stop making resolutions, instead I just make projects in OmniFocus & review my progress on them every week.

Upgraded the family iMac to Mojave and showed my mom dark mode. Asked her if she wanted to use that or the light mode. To my surprise she picked dark mode

Finally wrote a small Swift script to solve a problem I've had for a while…

Something something follower migration work in progress, lengthy thoughts about traffic implications and risks


I love that I can make lists of things in OmniOutliner and then import the items as action items in OmniFocus when needed. Never used this feature until now, but it's super helpful

@bigzaphod @chartier oh and they had contractors working remotely across several continents and never saw the conflict in this opinion

@bigzaphod @chartier I worked at a place that simultaneously held the position that you couldn't be as productive working remotely from home, and that working remotely from home was a privilege for the full time employee only, contractors weren't supposed to be remote

@chartier @bigzaphod some companies view it as a privilege you earn after demonstrating your skill. I'm convinced those places just use it as a carrot to string you along until you are performing the way they want you to do so

Has anybody seen an issue on iPad where icons don't shake & show the X to delete? It persists across reboots. Don't need help deleting apps, just trying to figure out this issue

App PSA for iOS users: Linky is a cool app, mostly an app extension, for quickly sharing stuff to Mastodon (and BirdNaziSite).

It has clever features for picking which image to share with a link, and it just added support for Mastodon’s Content Warning features. It’s how I share most of my links these days.

Much wow. Very recommend.

#iOS #apps #iPad #iPhone

Good luck to everyone taking the JLPT test today

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