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Apples weather data is really confusing. On the apple watch it says the air quality is good. On iPhone weather it says smokey. And the app they pull data from says the air quality is super bad right now. Supposedly these numbers are all coming from the same place

"Why was this scene shot so weird?"
"This movie came out when TV manufacturers where trying to sell 3D, so they convinced movie studios to do stupid shots like this to try to justify the feature"

I'd show my "I voted" sticker but I voted by mail last week, and you don't get a sticker for that. So here's my ballot status, and a reminder to vote

I really didn't know what to expect with "Your name" But wow did that movie massively outperform my expectations.

It's been on my to watch list for a long time. Finally just now getting around to watching

If we're going to get rid of the headphone jack from everything, then Bluetooth headphone manufacturers need to up their game and make it easy to pair and switch headphones between multiple devices

The new iPad Pro is great, I just wish it didn't have a camera bump. Very tempted to get one

Wish I didn't have to leave for work in the middle of an Apple event. Guess I'll just read about all of this on Twitter and Mastodon 😓

@dgregor79: The expanded version of the Swift Generics talk by @AirspeedSwift and I is up! It contains an all-new section on recursive constraints, associated type and protocol where clauses, and divide-and-conquer algorithms starting around 33:00. Check it out!

@cocoasamurai toot and mast also remember the timeline position.

"Use Carbon Events in your Application" hmm… yeah I think I can get rid of this document

So is there still only 1 Mastodon iOS client that remembers your feed position? (tusk) Why hasn't every client added this feature?

Finally created a periodic reminder to run brew cleanup. I should automate this, but there's something satisfying about manually running this

So on the PS4 downloads screen, the only option in the options menu for a download is to delete a download. But hitting X to "enter" a download let's you delete a download or pause/resume a download…


Every time I present "A Better MVC", the #1 piece of feedback I get is "that's nice; where's the code?"

I finally have an answer for you.

I've spent the past 2 days working up a basic "to do" app that applies the principles I talk about. It's not perfect, but I hope it gets the point across:

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