Hello. Just checking in to see if anyone has said anything interesting.
My segregated wit has been otherwise busy laughing at cryptocurrency White papers.
I thought I should learn about the house of cards they're built on and why none of them are scaling.
This IOTA image reply to: "Is the Tangle concept really delivering the promise? Transactions are taking too long to confirm (+7 hours)!" is a classic. lulz.
Existence is pain. hostux.social/media/pJ6mvHP2qA

What do we think of the ThinkPad Yoga Mat Concept? I think it looks nice, just not sure it'd stay upright or be fun to read where it curves. Or resist someone accidentally sitting on it closed. hostux.social/media/30prCQxk6S

I'm not used to cats suddenly appearing from under my bed asking for a belly scratch, though what I think she really wanted was a collar scratch.
Mischa the cat looks like the cat emoji: 🐈

Still waiting for this crazy catwoman to crawl out of my bed though... reow hostux.social/media/fvNCp3-7G6 hostux.social/media/x26E0XAkcB

There's a high-performance computing storage cluster called the BeeGFS. I read that as the Bee Gee File System. With it's uptime motto being; Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive. hostux.social/media/JqL3K0mdb0

Wearing the ✖ out on okcupid I came across someone I used to chat to 20 years ago on ICQ... ✖
And another I could have sworn was the host on community TV's Chartbusting 80s 😍 , or maybe her hair was. hostux.social/media/KsZzxrIdZl

I still use Firefox as my main browser, but seriously Mozilla, if your memory usage test is only using 750MB, you're not surfing the web or using extensions. I struggle to get by on 8GB RAM.

Faster Firefox: It’s Better Now blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/06/


Malcolm's solution to the Borg personal shielding is to increase phaser power. I was disappointed he stopped at 10 megajoules and not 11.
Still, this is what 10s of megajoules did to the Large Hadron Collider: hostux.social/media/vz-hqvKX8J

Tempted to watch Chuck again. However I can still picture Strahotski's windswept hair crawl scenes and Carina in lingerie holstering her knife, so it may be too soon. Also, this guys hairy chest that can't be unseen. hostux.social/media/MqvBmC65Fi

Watched permaculture videos all night in the hope of beginning again in an off-world colony. Ran out of RAM. Paged to disk. Ran out of disk. Waited for garbage collection to be able to move mouse pointer. Killed all the Nexus processes.
Begin Again. Blade Runner. Modern Internet life.
youtube.com/watch?v=sZNzz4SaTY hostux.social/media/AHyuqDZaWk

Bioenergetic Sexual Healing and Psychology are now using Quantum Physics. Now I really want to learn how to achieve the superposition! I assume it uses Schrodinger's cat and roleplaying?
youtu.be/44ChVENyYeQ hostux.social/media/jTx6bofFG9

I love watching whirlygigs. Wondering how well a compost mixer like this, but with two opposing screws, would work to break large chunks of charcoal to make biochar.

I need a farm. hostux.social/media/sFWcgWmJQ3

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