@gemlog I was referring to the Federated timelines, over multiple instances... It's still quiet. :)

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Been really tired that last couple of days. Random naps galore. Can't seem to keep busy, thought I'd try Mastodon again but haven't found much interesting in the Fed except nudes. Might go pat the guinea pig in the dark like a depressed supervillan.

This all seems just as pointless


Frustrated with everything. Struggling to stay occupied. Ready to throw computer across the room.

The Internet of Tomatoes Vine is full of dancing green millenials seeking attention:
Meanwhile in the hothouse it's nothing but ripe for the picking angiosperm, and curvy redheads being tied up to the block & chain...

@Averly@octodon.social That's how Kangaroos do it in the outback. Hippity hop, flop. They dig away topsoil and then lay in the cool subsoil.

People with tic disorders at 4x increased suicide risk
This is also me after being social, or the thought of it. The phone just rang... and I didn't answer it. tic tic tic.
Look at me, and I hide them from people.

Hello. Just checking in to see if anyone has said anything interesting.
My segregated wit has been otherwise busy laughing at cryptocurrency White papers.
I thought I should learn about the house of cards they're built on and why none of them are scaling.
This IOTA image reply to: "Is the Tangle concept really delivering the promise? Transactions are taking too long to confirm (+7 hours)!" is a classic. lulz.
Existence is pain. hostux.social/media/pJ6mvHP2qA

@Averly@octodon.social I fainted when I watched it.

Brainbows 🌈
A fatal exception 0E has occurred at @craigoverend.hostux.social.
The current brapplication will be terminated.

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