I would give almost anything to be . Autism for me and my life has not been a positive. Its been negative.

I wish I did not have Autism. If there was a cure. I would take it. No questions asked. I don't want, or need it. It has given me nothing but trouble from the time I was born.

I have no positive thoughts on college. All it did was make me poorer and less employable. That is with degrees they always tell you will guarantee great pay. Like a MBA.

was a waste of time and money, and just made me even more unemployable then I was before college. Its an idiots game.

College will be a mistake I will be paying for, for the rest of my life. I wish others would not make the same mistake I did. Skip college. Do something else. Like start a business, do a internship or an apprenticeship.

College is a scam..... Nothing will change my opinion of that. All it did for me is make my underemployed and gave me massive debt. and degrees are worthless shit. So is .

There is absolutely nothing anyone can ever say to me. That will ever convince me that my degrees where worth the cost. College is a scam. A very expensive scam.

I'd give almost anything to be nerotypical. Not everyone of us likes having Autism. Some of us would kill for a cure.

I got a new used toy today. A HP Elitebook 2530p. Installed Linux on it, Ubuntu Mate. Everything is working fine. Other then I have no sound. It runs smoothly and the battery works. I love Green PC in Tacoma.

I need a better job so badly.... Minimum wage dead end work is not productive or fun. But when you are autistic. Higher paid work is hard to come by. :(

Sad and annoying that people around me keep pushing me to work for the military. Something I will never do on ethical, political and moral grounds. It matters not who is in the White House or in Congress. I am staunchly anti-war period. No one can change my mind on this. I will never work for the war state. I would rather say chronicle poor then work for the war state.

My car, the 93 Saturn is back from the shop with new bearings in the drivers front wheel. No more sound is nice and not having a feeling like the wheel will fly off at any moment is nice.

I always love seeing mom and pop quickie marts operating in this day and age of big box grocery stores and chain gas stations.

One thing I miss a whole lot. Waking up early on Saturday Mornings and eating sugary cereals and watching cartoons on network TV.

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