Questions about :

1) Is there a privacy setting for each post, like in ? (public/unlisted/followers-only/private message)?

2) Where is the search?

@danstonchat I don't think either is fully supported in Pleroma's native front-end (it *displays* post privacy levels but I see no way to set them), but based on a tip from @lain it seems the Mastodon-style front-end can be reached by appending /web after the domain name even if there's no visible login option for it, e.g.

@GardenOfForkingPaths @danstonchat pleroma frontend has the necessary buttons too, but they are turned of by default

@sina @lain @GardenOfForkingPaths In my personal feed, I see posts AND replies from people I follow (even when they reply to someone I don't know). Can we change this, so it only shows posts?

@danstonchat @GardenOfForkingPaths @lain If there is a way in either, it would be neat to know, but as far as I know, there is no way to filter replies out.

@sina @GardenOfForkingPaths @lain Oh that was still a Pleroma question. ;) In Mastodon I don't see replies in my personal feed.

@sina @lain @GardenOfForkingPaths No problem. ;) I checked and in Mastodon you can't get the replies in. I prefer this way but this could be a useful user preference in both.

@danstonchat @GardenOfForkingPaths @lain Having the option would definitely be a bonus. :) Configuration ftw

@danstonchat @sina @lain Mastodon seems to include replies if and only if you follow both the poster and one or more of those mentioned in the post. (And yes, it would be nice if it were optional.)

@danstonchat Yes, you have a privacy settings on each posts, disabled per default, but not on the mastodon frontend.

For search, it's the little icon with a person and a +. Or you can use the Mastodon FrontEnd :)

@kiru This + button only allows me to add accounts to follow, not search them, am I right? And no keyword/hashtag search?

@danstonchat Yes you are right, I know that you can search keyword/hastag & search in general on the MastoFE. @lain do you have an answer?

@kiru @lain You're right, you can search from the Mastodon-FE. And it seems to work pretty well!



pleroma-fe has optional ui for setting scopes on your notices and search is limited to looking up users by their handle
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