I'm feeling tired and out of the loop, but it feels like one of those situations where I should be doing something with Mastodon's outreach accounts on other platforms. If you have suggestions for what I should be doing, let me know thanks

@Gargron I'm sorry I'm not a native english speaker and here I'm not sure what you mean by "Mastodon's outreach accounts on other platforms". Can you please reformulate/elaborate?

@danstonchat MastodonProject on twitter and joinmastodon on Facebook etc.

@Gargron Ok thanks!

In my opinion, you should use these accounts to "spread the good word":

- Post when new versions / what's new

- Every week or so, talk about a feature / design philosophy that makes Mastodon different (for exemple, why no "quote RT", this kind of stuff)

- Every month or so, share or publish on long blog post (like you did on medium when you made your "manifest") talking about freedom, self expression, bad viral behaviors, or "what happens in the Mastodon community"


@Gargron Little by little it will help talk about Mastodon, make the goals clearer, the difference and the purpose more understandable.

For a lot of people, Mastodon doesn't exist or is old news: it appeared and now they don't hear a thing about it.

Give news. Show that each day, it's more and more relevant.

@Gargron By the way there are a few simple things that should be done to make Mastodon user friendly. If it's not the place, tell me where to post it, but for example:

- Rename Home / Local Feed / Global Feed with: "People I follow / People from @Mastodon.social / People from everywhere"

- Make the multi-column design the "expert mode" or something: a new user should see a simplified view on desktop too. Show new users the tablet/phone/one column design (just force max width so it looks good)

@Gargron @Mastodon Hello, hope you're doing well. :) So, what are your thoughts/conclusions on those subjects (outreach accounts and newbies onboarding)? Hope it helped.

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