Here is a video made to show parts of my latest game "The king is gone".
It is planned for release around 15th of December.

This is an animation I've been working on, for rising rooms, on the puzzle video game I'm working on "The king is gone".

I've been working on the graphics of my latest puzzle game "The king is gone". Here are some pictures showing the progress so far.

All assets are made in .

The project is going really well, and is on schedule to be released around December 2020.

I've just released an alpha demo version of my new puzzle game "The king is gone". It is a game about running away, and going through doors to escape.

Check it out on

I'm working on a new video game project, "The King is Gone". It is still in its early stages, but I've made a video showing its basic gameplay and the work I've done on it so far. Check it out here:

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