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T-shirt slogan:

"My other computer is the same computer running a different virtual machine"


Join on January 17th from 7pm to 10pm at @subculturejc in @JerseyCity for the @defcongroups Meet Up!

@mr_blackcipher from @blackciphersec will talk about Evasion, new tech & a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT about February!


Write.As: writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion/defcon2

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Without real investment in low income neighborhoods and rural markets, the so-called 5G revolution will only affect the upper half of the income scale, says EFF's @EFFFalcon.

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Julian Assange appears in court as lawyers complain prison has blocked Wikileaks founder from seeing key evidence | The Independent

Julian Assange’s lawyers have complained prison officers stopped them spending adequate time with their client as the Wikileaks founder appeared in court ahead of his extradition hearing.

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If you believe that Google should curtail the exploitative practices of manufacturers, you should sign our petition.


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Does anyone knows a nice ressource which explains why inline scripts/styles are a bad idea?

There were some nice stickers on #36C3 about it, but I believe they didn't had a explanation as well.

Also, are security risks involved, when allowing "data:" links in a Content-Security-Policy Header?

#CSP #Security

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I'm surprised that there isn't a whole-of-country bush fire alert map produced by the government. So I've made my own, using state and territory alert feeds, using R to collect the data and generate the map. So sad to see the country on fire. #australia #fire #ausfires #BushfireCrisis

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There's no better way to ring in the new year than by listening to tonight's special episode. Listen live at 19:00 EST on 99.5 FM in New York or at

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Chinese law professor's social media denunciation of facial recognition in the Beijing subway system

ATTENTION! Our December Caffine & Code has been rescheudeled for January! DO NOT ATTEND ON DECEMBER 11th!

See you at our normal Meet Up on December 20th!


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We just pushed Episode 55 of the @ubuntu #Security Podcast - this week we cover security updates for NSS, SQLite, the Linux kernel and more, plus @joeubuntu and @alex_murray discuss a recent FBI advisory warning about possible dangers of Smart TVs tweeted by @ubuntu_sec

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There is a lot to like about U.S. Sen. Cantwell’s new Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act (COPRA), which represents an important step towards the comprehensive consumer data privacy legislation that we need.

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