The board voted unanimously to post the following statement on the FSF website: While our primary mission is freedom for software users, we want to be clear, the FSF board unanimously condemns misogyny, racism,and other bigotry as well as defamation, intimidation, and unfair attacks on free thought and speech.

@defcon201 @fsf
Oh, I see you did a video version of it, but based on the observations of yourself's regular talking!

@danialbehzadi @fsf We don't know where you got that from, this is just direct live feed of one of the FSF boards.

@defcon201 @fsf
So you follow their onlyfans account… Seems you're so obsessed with them!

@danialbehzadi @fsf Never mind that no, we don't even know if they have one but...what is wrong with OnlyFans? Last we check OF has not defended going to Epstein's island and arguing the age and consent of the sex slaves forced to work there. Might want to recheck that one.

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