TONIGHT at 8pm EST...because we made an error we are having an ENCORE Replay of the episode about the nightmare that is the deal with with guest speaker @GovanifY exclusively on !


TONIGHT (4/10), 9pm EST, join Co-Founder Sidepocket for "Crypto Barons" with guest @GovanifY about @signalapp integration of & why this might be the worst idea since .

Watch @Twitch, , @YouTube, @peertube & @torproject:

Join @GI_Jack Archville Perspective
System updates - @gnome edition. 40 is in [extra], and we check it out

Game - games

Watch @Twitch , @YouTube @peertube & @torproject

TONIGHT, 8pm EST, join Co-Founder & Member "Sidepocket" for "The Master Of Unlocking" where he will interview custom designer Killermaru!

Watch @Twitch, @YouTube, @Facebook, @peertube & @torproject:

Hey, want to take a guess what the @fsf's latest board member, Ian Kelling's, most recent contribution to is?

That's right: harassing a project trying to rewrite common POSIX tools in Rust for being Anti-Freedom™. Because they chose the MIT license.

Remember that time censored an author reporting how RMS stared at his wife's chest throughout dinner? Here's the first and second (edited by RMS) edition of "Free as in Freedom".



This Saturday, March 27th at 8pm EST, join Co-Founder @Sidepocket for where he will look at , a e-commerce system that we will contrast with .

Watch on @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook, @peertube & @torproject:

NOTE: This was planned weeks in advance and this episode is not an endorsement of @fsf & recent problematic actions.

This is honestly horrifying.

This tells us that @fsf KNEW that announcing 's return would cause a chunk of the LibrePlanet speakers & sponsors to leave.

So they waited until the end to announce it.

This is what Microsoft did to Mixer.

What Google did to Stadia Games.

Why should we trust their leadership again?

Missed due to the crazy hours and confusing page & buggy VR?

Wednesday, 3/24 at NOON EST we're Party Encore recapping the event!

Watch @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook, @peertube & @torproject:

TONIGHT, 8PM EST, join Co-Founder &
Member Sidepocket for "The Master Of Unlocking" where he will be for supplemented by beats!

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, @
, @YouTube
, @Facebook
, @DiodeZone
& @torproject

We at will have the honor of the musicqueen herself DJ Miss Jackalope to spin a 30 minute set for our Four Year Anniversary LIVE Stream this Friday, March 19th at 6pm EST!

Stay tuned for more announcements & trivia!


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