TONIGHT at 7pm EST, join Co-Founder @GI_Jack as he double dips into hell with maintenance on his repo into and then loads up for Darkening of Tristram on the LIVE Stream!

Watch on @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook, @peertube & @torproject:
@ArchLinux_Community @linuxlads @gamingonlinux @linuxgamecast

TONIGHT at 8pm EST, join Co-Founder & member @Sidepocket goes over The , a weird automotive physical security device from the 90's on "The Master Or Unlocking"!

Watch on @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook, @peertube & @torproject:

We want to thank @deletescape, 0xNikhilRatthor, and all of you at & @eff for attending our meet up that broke many records despite all the technological setbacks!

You can watch a repeat in @YouTube:

P.S. What is this? (Wrong Answers Only)

At the Meet Up this Friday, Jan 15th at 5:30pm EST, the leaker @deletescape (banned from @Twitter)
will teach how you can PWN tools for 0day access in From The Current State of DevOops!


This Friday, January 15th at 5:30 PM EST join for our LIVE Stream meet up! In addition to a @bigbluebutton hangout we will have talks by @deletescape about leaks and hacking DevOps tools, 0xNikhilRathor about from , on the and more!

Watch on @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook, @peertube & @torproject:

TONIGHT at 8pm EST, join us for hack all and Commander where he will dissect and shit rant on the worst operating system to enter into production: American Democracy.

Watch on @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook & @torproject:


TONIGHT at 8pm EST, ring in the with The Master Of Unlocking where Co-Founder & Member @Sidepocket will go over upgrades to the training kit and future expansions in !

Watch on @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook & @torproject:

We at wish everyone a !

is honors to have been part of .

We have a ton of plans for 2021 so and see you soon!

Oh, you have 24 hours left to donate to @childsplaycharity:

We at are streaming DAY THREE of LIVE right now!

Watch on @Twitch, , @YouTube, @Facebook & @torproject:​​

Bonus German Hacker Mindset Song:​

@cccupdatesbot @cccs @c3voc @chaosradio @chaoswesttv @ChaosPost @cbase

Hey! Sorry for all the technical difficulties but we had a blast with our first day of !

We will be back with everything fixed TOMORROW starting at 11am EST.

@west @cccupdatesbot @chaoszone @events @cccs

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