Reposted from @TheGibson Twitter:

"Another and friends meetup tonight. We'll be at the 3535 bar in Linq from 7-ish on.

Come by and say hi... I have bitchin' rad stickers."

Uh because @NYC2600 forgot again, tonight is the Meet Up!


TONIGHT, 6pm - 8pm EST, join Co-Founder Sidepocket for the RETURN of The Master of Unlocking as he'll & disects his old Schleg door knobs crafted by Nite0wl!

Watch on , , , & @peertube:

UPDATE: Due to us focusing on our May Meet-Up we are NOT having a Meet Up In April.

Instead we urge to check out the @defcon212 Meet-Up TODAY at 7:30 PM EST online & in-person at FatCat Fab Lab around the corner from the 9th Street PATH Train!

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