TONIGHT from 9pm - 2am, join some Members for a social distancing party : COLD BOOT in Wonderville NYC:

Sunday (12/26) @ 8pm EST, join Co-Founder @Sidepocket for for a via a while we continue to raise money for Children Miracle Network Hospitals! (Plus: !)

Watch , , , , @peertube:


Due to the spike of , the In-Person portion of the @defcongroups Meet-Up is canceled.

We will be live streaming TODAY 7pm EST.

We will also open a @senfcall for to interact!

Watch , , ,, @peertube & @torproject:

On Dec 9th, Staff will be at Carriage Trade NYC Art Gallery for to Explore the ™ from 6pm - 8pm EST!

To "celebrate" the 22nd Anniversary of the Seattle anti-globalization will stream The Fix The World @ 12 Noon on Dec 9th!

, , , @peertube & @torproject:

Due to scheduling issues, we will not have our usual Meet Up as we originally planned.

HOWEVER, if you want to meet up & talk , DCG 201 Member sirocyl will be at SubCulture in Jersey City TODAY (11/19) from 5pm - 8pm EST.

We will be posting exciting future news all weekend!

TONIGHT @ 8pm EST, join for as he explores , a purported censorship-resistant ecosystem built on . Is it malicious? Lets find out via hardening a !

Watch , , , , @peertube & @torproject:

On October 3rd at 8pm EST, join Co-Founder & Member Sidepocket for The Master Of Unlocking where he will have a retrospective & send off to retiring & icon BosnianBill from!

Watch on , , , & More:

Wed, Sept 29th join JC Tech Meet Up from 6pm - 9pm in to learn about !

Enter code "dcg201" (THAT'S US) for a 20% discount:


Can't make it? 7:30 PM EST for a Special LIVE Show!

Watch , & :


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