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tar tip [150GB later....]: If you want to exclude stuff, you have to put the --exclude **before** the directory you're backing up.

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compsci teacher's making us store gender as an enum to prove we know how enums work so i decided to have fun with it

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We'd like to test our live streaming next week.

Looking for a channel that's not too big or too small to help us.

Hopefully the channel can get at least around 5k viewers on the stream.


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Finally an article that mentions Mastodon on Techcrunch, not as positive as one would hope but hey, I'll take what I can get. I think there's one good quote from me in there.

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- dev: prod is down 🙋‍♂️ pretty sure it's a system issue 💻

- admin: weird, seems to work 🚛
- admin: wait, you just deployed a new version right? Friday evening?

- dev: *luckyboy has just left, see you on Monday*

- admin: ...

Don't boost if it never happened to you 😉

#production #friday #boost

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U.S.A. Politics 

Ok folks it's the 15th.

Shit's probably actively be on fire soon.

a) self-care

b) content warnings

c) no platforms for trash people

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Uh, my standing desk just stopped mid-way and said "E12".

I guess it's time for the weekend.

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Open source Voting System

Politics aside if you were to create an open-source voting system how would you design it to be efficient, secure, and tamper-proof?

I was thinking of something like using blockchain This would create a provable mathematical audit trail for each transaction then. Combined that with using your SSN and a unique ID from the voter registration. You would have proof of every valid vote basically 2fa. Then data will be exported to a write-only USB drive once an hour.

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Whistleblowerin Reality Winner wurde gefasst, weil sie einen Farbkopierer verwendete, der seine Seriennummer in jede Kopie reinschmuggelt:

Laura #Poitras wollte verhindern, dass so etwas wieder passiert. Dafür wurde sie gefeuert:

At the Meet Up this Friday, Jan 15th at 5:30pm EST, the leaker @deletescape (banned from @Twitter)
will teach how you can PWN tools for 0day access in From The Current State of DevOops!


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Beam Dump Makes Sure Your Laser Path is Safely Terminated

Between hot things, sharp things, and spinny things, there’s more than enough danger in the average hacker’s shop to maim and mutilate anyone who fails to respect their power. But somehow lasers …

Original tweet :

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Show HN: Vmctl/Vmcli – Easily Run Linux VMs on M1 Macs

(submitted by gyf304)

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Has anyone here ever use #freedombox? What do you like about it, what don't you like? Please let me know in whatever language you know.

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I'm always hatin' on systemd but I feel it's fair to also say when I discover something good about it:

journalctl -r

It basically displays the full system log in REVERSE chronological order.

So you don't have to wrestle with tail -xxx to find recent log entries!

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At Last: an Affordable RISC-V Board With Desktop Linux Support

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