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The Cincinnati sign on the Convention Center will be light blue and light pink tonight in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility!


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Ok, Fediverse:

I'm in the market for some kind of antispam tool that sits in front of a mailbox where we can build block filters easier than our current provider allows. We have DNS control and own the domain, so we can fiddle with MX records and such, but we can't outright change email providers or the email address we're using.

Services are preferred over onprem devices. We might even be willing to self-host a good solution.

Seems to be a taller order than I expected.

Any ideas?

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This is a good example at how much your phones and other devices keep chattering over the internet 24/7 even when you're not using them.

This is a graph of requests from the devices in my home to my personal DNS server. Virtually every internet request will show up here and I can see that there's just as much internet traffic at 2am as there is at 6pm.

What do my devices talk about? Mostly, they're sending private data offsite to their respective vendors (amazon, google, facebook, etc) which is why limiting things like internet microphones and cameras in your private spaces is the only way to control your data.

Everything you do (and say if you have an Echo or Google Home or the like) is sent offsite to....who? For what purpose? We'll never know and once it's gone, it's too late to bring it back.


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Listened to some Vienna Teng while going through my favorite published-in-2020 speculative fiction and nominating stuff for the Carl Brandon Awards

The Parallax Award celebrates speculative fiction created by self-identified people of color; the Kindred Award celebrates speculative fiction dealing with issues of race & ethnicity (nominees may be of any racial or ethnic group).

Deadline to nominate is today!

Hey, want to take a guess what the @fsf's latest board member, Ian Kelling's, most recent contribution to is?

That's right: harassing a project trying to rewrite common POSIX tools in Rust for being Anti-Freedom™. Because they chose the MIT license.

daniel pocock ( defender & @fsf supporter) is now attempting to convince people to get the police to harass and/or molly de blanc:

Remember that time censored an author reporting how RMS stared at his wife's chest throughout dinner? Here's the first and second (edited by RMS) edition of "Free as in Freedom".



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The second worst thing about April 1 is all the stupid and unfunny prank articles going by all morning.

The worst thing is that tomorrow the Americans wake up on their side of the planet and the whole thing starts again.

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This is an excellent blog article, full of graphs and information, showing the worst offender apps that share your personal data. #privacy

Invasive apps

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really wanna see the admin FE of mastodon, maybe i will set up a localhost instance
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✅ Updated Mastodon
✅ Mandate The Superior Typing Style

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We at have been working our ass off (when a certain organization is NOT imploding) to creating amazing hacker AF content not only for the April Online Meet-Up but for future meets in 2021. We can't wait until we can show you some of this very soon!

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We're off the air tonight but will be back again soon!

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re: My current rabbithole 

I like this concept of authorization systems not being foolproof:

Similarly, we could add a “please keep this private” flag to
ActivityPub messages so that Alice could tell Bob to please not
share her secrets.
Bob, being a good friend, will probably comply, and maybe his client
will help him cooperate by default.
But “please” or “request” is really key to our interface, since from
a protocol perspective, there is no guarantee that Bob will comply.
However this does not mean there are no consequences for Bob if he
betrays Alice’s trust: Alice may stop being his friend, or at least
unfollow him.

IMO this is how this kinda stuff should behave. Don't set expectations too high. Don't try to enforce things too strictly (e.g. disabling screenshots on mobile devices). Attached is how Signal Desktop treats remote message deletions: the user is warned that the deletion may not go through. Additionally, messages set to disappear after a certain timeframe can still be copied/forwarded/screenshotted on the other person's device.
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