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This Friday, March 16th, will be celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at @Makerbar in @CityofHoboken from 7pm to 10pm. Come party with us and learn about creating remote code execution exploits for web shells! Details:

The next Meet is on Nov 17th at MakerBar, Hoboken NJ from 7pm-10pm. We are doing hacking sex this month; Violet Wands, DYI toys, charity and more:

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opencourse 1Nov

Creating secure communities is about more than being educated Fundamentally, it means creating working dynamics of respect, education and inclusion in all our work. Building strong communities that act in solidarity with one another is the best protection against infiltration, disruption and other conditions of repression
Our goal is to educate And we hope you came to learn. No one here will ask you something that would compromise your identity nor ask you to do anything illegal

Added to @github ! go pull requests for prizes! it online or in person at MakerBar, Hoboken NJ on October 20th 7-10pm:

Join us for the October 2017 on October 20th from 7-10pm at MakerBar, Hoboken . We will be doing tons of activities including Bitcoin, Phishing, Dark Web 1337 Hacks, Halloween Costumes, , Open Source and more!

TODAY is the Social Meet starting at 7:00 PM at the Grove Street PATH Station. Around 9pm we will be eating at Helen's Pizza (you can buy food with and ) and at 10pm we will be at Pet Shop Bar with Lockpicks, Microcontrollers and Video Games until Midnight!

Free Webcast shares tools for securely implementing network protocols today at 2:00 PM EST. Register here:

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will host a SPECIAL Meet Up August 25th at Makerbar in Hoboken from 7pm - 11:30pm. We will have a Special Guest from /#BlackHat staff post 10pm! More Details at:

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My long held beliefs that minimalist programming, weird electronic music, the demoscene and @bcrypt are all awesome have just collided violently with my long held belief that Javascript is the root of all evil in this world:

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Remember, the tag also applys to those that work for google. So if it isn't silicon groupthink you might want to be courteous to them too.

August 18th is our next meet up at MakerBar in Hoboken, NJ ( from 7-10 PM. Topics include a Show & Tell, Nite0wl from TOOOL on how to pick handcuffs and @Sidepocket on the upcoming and in . For all the details head to our website ( and NEW blog:

If you are at or from the North East join us TODAY at the New York New York Casino on the Vegas Strip at the Times Square Bar from 2:01pm to 6:00 pm. $5 drink specials, look out for the bells!

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