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Greetings, @valere!

Thank you (belatedly) for sharing the announcement that Unbound 1.12.0 is available.

I run Debian stable (10, "Buster"), which includes Unbound 1.9.0. I have been running Unbound 1.9.0 for over a year. The buster-backports repository has Unbound 1.12.0-1, howver! 🙂

Thanks, again, for your many helpful announcements, @valere!



Debian sends love to all those who use, contribute, author, support, and make free software available to all. Happy Free Software day! #ilovefs

The campaigns team is committed to advocating for and against the injustice of proprietary software. This year-end we tell the tale of the FSF's campaigns team's history to help celebrate 35 years of FSF:

@tom79 confirmed: updates will only be required targeting SDK 30+ starting November 2021. No word on app bundles for them … yet: android-developers.googleblog. explicitly states towards updates: "No new publishing format requirement". But that's certainly just a matter of time.

To devs considering (e)migration: FOSS apps are always welcome at @fdroidorg (supporters as well, we could use some helping hands).

The four-person tech team at the FSF delivers a huge range of services for the free software community. Learn how you can support their work, and share with !

Want another way to participate in this year's ? Sign onto our comments for new anti-circumvention exceptions to the DMCA, helping us weaken DRM by supporting each and every proposed exemption.

2020 recordings are now live! Check them out, and make a party out of it by playing them inside of Emacs, while wearing your Emacs shirt, while drinking your favorite beverage from an Emacs mug. It's all the way down!

From the new FSF Bulletin ( an important reminder on providing the source code for unmodified work, from our licensing and compliance manager:

From the new FSF Bulletin ( @torproject executive director Isabela Bagueros explains how Tor discovers what users need without compromising their privacy:

Support by getting gifts at the GNU Press Shop! New: FSF35 anniversary socks, an epic deluxe bundle, and more!

The secret to technological enlightenment: software wants to be free! Help us achieve our fall fundraiser goal of adding 500 "gnu" members by December 31: Join today, and share our messages with the hashtag :

One powerful tool to change people's mindsets on poaching is education - to raise public awareness on the ivory trade’s impact on elephant populations and demonstrate the true horrors of poaching to ecosystems.

Elephant | African Wildlife Foundation

Debian 13 will be codenamed trixie. Visit for the names of the past and future Debian releases, and prepare yourself for bullseye, we're freezing soon!

Let's give a shoutout to the ftp-master team for crushing it on the NEW queue

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