Stop Firefox from sending keystrokes to Mozilla:

* Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security
* Scroll down to “Address Bar - Firefox Suggest”
* Disable “Contextual suggestions”
* Disable “Include occasional sponsored suggestions”

Or switch to LibreWolf:


@lefarfadet I'm a firm FF supporter, hence my disappointment:

1. True, FF Suggest has only been enabled by default for the US. So far without additional telemetry being shared

2. But there's plans to have users opt in to FF Suggest & agree to share more data with Mozilla (search terms, location, ...)

3. Arguably, that's not an issue in itself, FF has a right to do business. But Mozilla's lack of transparency is alarming. Such changes have implications. Communication must improve

Thanks for your answer. I also regret that mozilla is selling its ass off. I guess this is not coming from the foundation, but rather from the mozilla company behind the foundation.

So.... tor browser is the only non privacy invading browser left ?

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