Want a gift that promotes freedom instead of restriction? Take a gander at the FSF's annual Giving Guide for ethical tech recommendations: u.fsf.org/377

Streaming under quarantine doesn't have to involve DRM. Check out our highlights from the DRM-free Guide here: u.fsf.org/316

Attending ? This is the perfect opportunity to voice your opposition to . Double-jump out of or 's walled garden and into freedom instead.

If you're worried about how is helping to usher in the post-ownership age, you should check out the talk "Rented future: The dangerous rise of life as a service "at the conference, 3/14: u.fsf.org/lp20sch Register here: u.fsf.org/lp20reg

Our Defective by Design campaign zeroes in on the dastardly nature of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). Learn what we've been up to this year, and support the fight to free our media! u.fsf.org/2zl


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