NVIDIA's graphics drivers include telemetry and artificially slow the execution of algorithms they don't like. In other words, they're defective by design.

@endDRM On the one hand, I strongly oppose any such measures.

On the other, I understand where NVIDIA's coming from. They don't want all their units snatched up by cryptocurrency miners, they have other customers to serve!

There's probably other non-pseudo-technological measures they could take to address that concern...

@endDRM cryptocurrency is a plague and they didn’t go far enough

@endDRM Don't think slowing down some algorithms belongs to that.
For me it's like denatured alcohol, making the product worse so you can sell it for some use case.

@didek @endDRM I stand with the (claimed) intention but oppose their actions.

@endDRM preventing a graphics card from mining Ethereum in the hope that gamers might be able to afford it seems only marginally evil, tbh. You know, under capitalism and all that.

@y6nH @endDRM

to be fair this isn't any worse than how many road legal European performance cars nowadays have speed limiters set at around 250 km/h (even though its permitted to drive on some parts of the autobahn in Germany at such speeds, and it is allowed in suitable areas elsewhere in Europe at track days)

@vfrmedia @y6nH @endDRM speed limiters serve an important purpose in stopping people from harming themselves and others, as well as limiting the ability to break local laws. What NVidia has done is nothing like that.

The situation sucks but the answer isn't to make a manufacturer the arbiter of what your general purpose computing system is allowed to do.

@fu @vfrmedia @y6nH @endDRM ehhhh are you sure? I mean, screw hierarchies I'm totally down with, but laws themselves? Is there anything you'd replace them with?

@stevelord @y6nH @endDRM

although this is to some extent what already happens with cars - its only very recently EU have insisted on speed control equipment as standard equipment to new cars (even normal cars), previous to that it was individual manufacturers making commercial decisions to add the limiters (mostly to reduce liability/reputation damage risks rather than any wider public safety or environmental protection ethos!)

@y6nH @endDRM there is no moral consumption under capitalism.

Forbinding folks from using the hardware they own in the way the chose to is evil. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
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